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MCG offering $500 plus promotion to streamers of Cypher System games on Moonbeam
A one-shot adventure which evokes the generational horror of Stephen King.
Folk horror which offers an alternative to Cthulhu.
As part of their 10th anniversary celebration, Monte Cook Games announced a gift to the RPG community: The Cypher System Open License (CSOL) and the Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD). Announced during the week of Origins Game Fair 2022, these documents allow third parties to create their own Cypher System products. As part of the showcase, three early licensees and their Cypher System...
The Temple of Elemental Evil is back in a blast from the past while Brancalonia is a brand new low fantasy modified D&D setting. Ptolus doesn’t use character sheets, it uses Character Portfolios in two RPG flavor options. Dune gets a GM toolkit and player journal and Torg and Dungeon Fantasy get new material. And Zombicide is not just for board games anymore; the RPG has released along with a...
What are Monte Cook Games, Chaosium, Evil Hat, Pelgrane, Atlas Games, and Arc Dream doing for New Gamemaster Month? I asked each of the companies how they’re supporting new GMs in the first major RPG “event” of 2021.
With their latest Kickstarter, Monte Cook Games brings superheroes to the gaming table through the Heroes of the Cypher System. Seeing this system powering a new world brought some questions about their new sourcebooks and how they’d work with the Cypher System, so I reached out to ask. Imagine how excited I was when one of the greatest designers in gaming, Monte Cook, offered to provide these...
This week’s RPG crowdfunding projects and quickstarters end on or before December 17th. Because of the holidays, there are a number of campaigns wrapping up between the holidays which makes this week’s list and next week’s list chaotic. To help catch up, I’m looking at seven campaigns. For those that celebrate it, I hope you have as good a Thanksgiving (US) as you can tomorrow.
More third party support for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition including adventures, monsters, and even pawns as well as a converted Castle Amber module. New core rulebooks and new adventures cover fantasy (including fairy tales and mythic heroes) and sci-fi. Some of the sci-fi adventures also have elements of cosmic and/or body horror to them.
Rone Barton, the co-founder of Iron GM and Iron GM Games, cold messaged me to share the story of MMK of Savage Mojo. With Rone’s credentials and what he told me, I took note because he was giving MMK the spotlight for all of the right reasons. Creators lifting up other creators deserves at least an article, and MMK’s tale of overcoming adversity is exactly what I hoped to report.
Coming from Italy, Here Be Dragons Games is converting Dungeons & Dragons 3e material by Monte Cook for use with Monte Cook’s Cypher System in the Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne RPG Kickstarter. Christopher Robin Negelein, who I’ve spoken with at the Tessera Guild and reviewed here on EN World, connected me with Ilaria Gaia Russo of Here Be Dragons Games to discuss how this project came about and...
In this article, I share two week’s worth of RPG crowdfunding projects, all ending by October 15th. Why share two weeks? Because Morrus and Peter Coffey’s podcast, Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk, uses this column for their “The Greatest Game In All The World” segment and the end date for each project needs to be moved up to make sure the podcast is timely. That means this week has more...
Among the RPG crowdfunding projects that end between March 20 and 26, there are several that use Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules as well as some Powered by the Apocalypse options. Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 2 ran in February, but RPG zines are still rolling out into March marking this Kickstarter initiative as a success. While this is not an exhaustive list, there are some winning options below.

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Knave 2e offers great resources for any OSR style game.
A great small sandbox for old school gaming.
Increases the magical nature of Shadowdark.
Space stations, pirates, and fungi make a mix of horror and adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons

The UK's Royal Mail is following the US Postal Service in releasing 50th Anniversary D&D stamps.
Tell him no if you like—just be ready for the unexpected if you do.
D&D historian Ben Riggs delved into the facts.
"Largely a new class!"
Give your players some puzzles they can really get a grip on.
Free League’s campaign for The One Ring and Lord of the Rings 5e coming in August

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DEI grants for publishers and retailers open for applications
Backerkit crowdfunding for new community streaming service is live
The ENNIE Awards are pleased to announce this year's nominees.
A third party may have accessed customer names, emails, IP addresses, and last 4 digits of CC#s

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