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Even though Mothership is still technically in beta, it already has a polish and strength that surpass many completely released games. Much of this comes from an open-armed policy of third-party zine support combined with a OSR-inspired focus on maximum support on minimal word count. The adventures that I’ve seen for the game remind me of the monster from Alien: sleek, dangerous looking in...
It was only a matter of time before actual plays spun off games based on their worlds. Critical Role, the 800-pound gorilla in the room has two books for fans looking to game in their world; the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting from Green Ronin Publishing and last year’s Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount from Wizards of the Coast. It seemed like the comedy podcast The Adventure Zone would have gone a...
Most fantasy RPGs fall somewhere on the spectrum between high fantasy and low fantasy. Different editions of Dungeons & Dragons have been in various spots on this line. There’s a third category that’s seen a comeback in the past few years; weird fantasy. Games like Dungeon Crawl Classics and Numenera have injected a sense of wonder and terror into their worlds that connect to some of the...
Two classic fantasy campaign staples are the local shop and the local inn. Players love to haggle, burgle and peruse the wares of the shopkeeper looking for that great magical item that will make them more effective in a fight or offer a great sideways solution to a problem in a fight. Inns are where players seek out rumors, tell tales of previous adventures or even roll into a classic bar...
Ever since Indiana Jones outran a boulder in the opening minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, gamers have been chasing a pulp adventure high. Pulp adventure offers a heightened take on a lot of things players love about Dungeons & Dragons: exotic locations, mystical treasure and a chance to punch some obvious bad guys in the pursuit of both. Two Little Mice, a game design firm out of Italy...
I’m not sure why I like dark fantasy the way I do. Maybe it’s because I fell hard for the World of Darkness in the 90s and just can’t shake it. Maybe I wanted to step away from my Tolkien loving dad but still have something to talk about in our shared nerd heritage. Maybe I just like brooding while crouched on a gargoyle surveying my dark kingdom. One of my favorite systems for dark fantasy...

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Knave 2e offers great resources for any OSR style game.
A great small sandbox for old school gaming.
Increases the magical nature of Shadowdark.
Space stations, pirates, and fungi make a mix of horror and adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons

The UK's Royal Mail is following the US Postal Service in releasing 50th Anniversary D&D stamps.
Tell him no if you like—just be ready for the unexpected if you do.
D&D historian Ben Riggs delved into the facts.
"Largely a new class!"
Give your players some puzzles they can really get a grip on.
Free League’s campaign for The One Ring and Lord of the Rings 5e coming in August

Industry News

DEI grants for publishers and retailers open for applications
Backerkit crowdfunding for new community streaming service is live
The ENNIE Awards are pleased to announce this year's nominees.
A third party may have accessed customer names, emails, IP addresses, and last 4 digits of CC#s

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