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6 Ways to Force Stuff on your Players

  • 10
Article: 6 Ways to Force Stuff on your Players Most GMs would agree that forcing things on your players—no matter what those things are—is generally a bad idea. I’d be one of them. So, of course...

Gamehackery: Convention Gear

  • 14
Today, while I write this, I'm preparing myself for Winter Fantasy (Jan 23-26, Fort Wayne Indiana). I'll be flying out there, playing and DMing for three full days, and hoping not to catch the...

RPG News for Friday, 25 January, 2013

  • 1
Pathfinder RPG News You can grab some desktop wallpaper from the Reign of Winter adventure path. The Know Direction podcast is up with a video unboxing of Paizo's new Shattered Star Pathfinder...

Once More, With Feeling

  • 6
Why do you play RPGs? Okay, okay, to have fun, yes, of course. But Call of Cthulu plays differently than 1e AD&D, which plays differently than Feng Shui, and someone might love all those games...

Review of Wandering Monsters High School by Bold Pueblo Games

  • 0
Swashbuckling Heroic Fantasy, gritty Science-Fiction, and creepy Horror genres tend to dominate a great swath of the role-playing game market, and regardless of which genre is favored, offer...

Experience Point: Shut Up and Shut Down

  • 3
When you are preparing to design or run sessions for your games, what do you do to generate ideas or prepare yourself? Do you meditate? If you'd asked me a week ago I'd probably have said "No."...

RPG News for Wednesday, 23 Jan, 2013

  • 0
Pathfinder RPG News Paizo and Gen Con have reached a 3-year co-sponsorship agreement (Mayfair Games is the other multi-year co-sponsor). It also means that Paizo's booth at Gen Con will be...

Pretty Darn Fun - Special Edition

  • 4
And the PDF bomb drops! The rumored WotC PDF releases have finally officially hit and are rocking the RPG community. We know it can get a bit confusing as to what they released so here we have the...

Pretty Darn Fun (a look at new PDFs)

  • 0
This week saw some big news in the PDF market when it was revealed that WotC is reentering the PDF marketplace…or are they? Apparently their reentry announcement may have been a bit premature as...

RPG News for Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2013

  • 1
Dungeons & Dragons News I mentioned a couple of days ago, the brand new sites has launched. Run by DTRPG/RPGNow, it...

D&D 4E 3G: Converting Adventures to 4E, Part 1

  • 0
I’ve played D&D since 1982, and I’ve been through every edition. When I started DMing, I started collecting – and I still have all the books, modules, and Dragon and Dungeon issues I used over...

RPG News for Monday, 21 Jan, 2013

  • 0
Dungeons & Dragons News WotC reports that this week's Legends & Lore will be hitting tomorrow instead of the usual Monday release Roleplaying Games News The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding...

Ten Ways to 'not' Kill off your Campaign

  • 3
When I’m walking down the street, the question people most often ask me is, “Are you married?” but that’s completely beside the point of this article. One question I see popping up over forum...
Boardgame Review: DUNGEON! from Wizards of the Coast
  • 0
Not every game that hits my table is a multiple-hour marathon. Not everything has to be packed with countless miniatures or handfuls of colourful wooden cubes. It’s safe to say that a fair few games I own could even be considered as being for kids, though we’re not talking Twister or Buckaroo here; there’s plenty out there that is not only accessible enough for younger players to get into but also offer older gamers enough of a challenge. The newly reissued version of Dungeon! from Wizards of the Coast fits into that space in spades.

Gamehackery: Dungeonmaster to the Stars - On Tour with Harmontown

  • 4
It might not look exactly like the dream you had of becoming famous as a dungeon master. But Spencer Crittenden is on tour all this month as "Dungeon Master to the Stars." And you're not. Chew on...
A chat with Pedro Gil, author of Spanish retroclone RPG "Aventuras En La Marca Del Este"
  • 0
This interview is by Ciro Alessandro Sacco. Aventuras En La Marca Del Este is Spanish in origin, has been translated into Italian, an English edition is in the works and it makes a great job...

RPG News for Friday, 18 January, 2013

  • 0
Pathfinder RPG News Paizo reports than nearly half a million votes were cast in RPG Superstar Round 1. Although am I reading that right? One person voted over 8000 times? Yikes! Dungeons &...

RPG News for Thursday, 17 January, 2013

  • 1
Dungeons & Dragons News WoTC Back on RPGNow? Now this is wonderful news if it's true! DiceMonkey, a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DTRPG, says: "This morning, I began receiving alerts to me...

Fear of the Dark: The Mythopoetry of Goblins

  • 2
What's that noise? Do you hear something? What was that? Is anybody there? Hello? Anybody....? Fun fact: there's no standard, accepted scientific term for a fear of the dark. There's names...

Pretty Darn Fun (a look at new PDFs)

  • 0
Diversity is the watchword of PDFs. Ever week we see such a variety of publishers (from the small one-man operation to the top companies in the rpg community) and systems (from the OSR to new...

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