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    Zasha was only twelve, but she had always been a clever girl; too clever by half, her mother would say. Now she wasn't sure what to do. The goblins had been moving the villagers to the boats for some time, and she had spotted an opportunity to slip away. She hated leaving her mother and little brother behind, but how did it make sense for them all to be sold into slavery if any one of them could make their escape? She had ran off between the buildings at the first opportunity, but a goblin had seen her go, just at the last minute.

    Now two burly hobgoblins were searching for her. She knew these lanes so well that even in the dark she had been able to avoid them so far. Tucked behind a rain barrel, she had a short chance to rest. But a hobgoblin was coming. She could hear the rattle of its chainmail. She wasn't sure how long this cat-and-mouse game would last, but she was determined to keep it up as long as she could.

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    Location: Julkoun Lower Bailey; Encounter: Gorhag the Slaver & his Blood-White Banner

    End Round Two; Begin Round Three

    Party (PCs)

    Name * (Space) * Perc * AC * HP * Hit Dice * Notes
    Angis (CQ16) PP14* AC14 HP 30/31 THP0 HD 3/3
    Dandin (CR14) PP14 AC14 HP 18/18 HD 3/3
    Enseth (CP16) PP14 AC20* HP 13/22 HD 1/3
    Wolf-Titus (CO16) PP13/18 AC13 HP 11/11 THP 3/3
    Tommi (CQ15) PP14 AC14 Dodge HP 11/21 HD 3/3

    Allies (NPCs)

    Averiel (CY10) PP15* AC14 HP 26/27 THP 3/3 HD 2/3
    Morwin (CN16) PP15* AC12 HP 5/5 Help
    ORB4 (CU14) PP13* AC11 HP 1/1 Help
    Zasha (AZ14) PP11 AC11 HP 3/3 (Hidden)
    Julkounians (Lots)

    Enemies (BGs)

    GoblinBully1 (CM20) HP less 8
    *Goblin1 (CP19) HP less 10 (Dead)
    *Goblin2 (CN19) HP less 13+ (Dead)
    *Goblin3 (CI23) HP less 12 (Dead)
    Hobgoblin1 (CC28)
    Hobgoblin2 (BJ19)
    Near Tree
    HobArcher1 (AT40)
    Hobgoblin3 (BK49)
    GoblinBully2 (BM45)
    Goblin4 (BP45)
    Goblin5 (BP47)
    HobArcher2 (BO51)
    Gohrag (CK58)
    GoblinBully3 (CM58)
    Goblin6 (CM63)
    Goblin7 (CM68)
    Hobgoblin4 (CO59)
    HobArcher3 (CL60)
    Bannerman1 (CM65)
    Bannerman2 (CO56)
    Town Shrine
    Hobgoblin5 (AB35)
    Hobgoblin6 (AB41
    GoblinBully4 (AE36)
    Goblin8 (AH36)
    Goblin9 (AI39)

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    OOC: Lunch!

    Attack the goblin under Titus.

    (1d20+4)[24] or (1d20+4)[20]

    Damage: (2d4+2)[6]

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    OOC: Lol. Crit. (2d4)[6]

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    Looking down into the most Dandin noticed a stick surrounded by wavelets. It must've fallen from the bridge as they hurried across it. Then he looked up just in time to watch one of the goblins get hit by something from the sky and stagger. Then a pair of arrows sprouted from it's chest and it fell over. Dandin shrugged in consternation and hurried forward and fired at the last goblin. This stone flew wide and bounced off of the the bridge post, only to actually strike it's target. Though, he couldn't be sure if this one was able to wound the goblin or not.

    OOC: Move to CO 19
    Sling:: 1d20+4 5 1d4+2 5
    Lucky!: 1d20+4 13
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    Titus vs GoblinBully1, Morwin & Dandin vs Hobgoblin1

    Titus mauled the downed, struggling goblin to death and his familiar Morwin flew off to harass the next target - the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin had run out into the open and was about to raise a horn to its mouth when the Tressym flew into its face. It shooed the winged cat away with an arm and made again to blow the horn when Dandin's stone bounced off the bridge and struck it in the hand. It caused no injury, but it stung, and it so angered the Hobgoblin, that instead of raising the alarm, the creature plucked a javelin off of a small rack on its back and flung it at the halfling. Dandin danced to one side, and the javelin stuck into the wood of the bridge.

    OOC: Looks like I forgot to put a dead-skull on Goblin3, who's in the middle of the clearing at the bottom of the bridge. He's the one who was struck with Averiel's arrows, so he's dead. No more goblins here anymore, just one angry Hobgoblin. I'll assume Tituswolf runs down the bridge after killing the last goblin. Tommi can get Sneak Attack from Morwin on the Hobgoblin.

    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) GoblinBully1 12 (Dead);
    (PCs) None; (NPCs) None

    Hobgoblin1 javelin vs Dandin
    1d20+3: 10 [1d20=7]; 1d6+1: 3 [1d6=2]

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    Angis Honack
    Julkoun/Goblin barracks
    10:05 PM
    Round 3

    Concentration check: 1d20+2 21

    Get those fires oot! Angis yelled as he went barreling down the bridge toward the remaining hobgoblin.

    OOC: I dont thing Angis can get in range to attack the hobgoblin, so hes going to double move toward him and move Hunters Mark to him.

    Angis Actions

    Move: Dash to hobgogl
    Free Object Interaction:
    Bonus Action: Move Hunters Mark to Hobgoblin
    Horde Breaker:
    Reaction: Absorb Elements or Opportunity Attack
    Concentration: Hunters Mark (Hobgoblin)

    Mini Stats

    Initiative: +1
    Perception: +4
    Speed: 25
    AC: 14
    HP: 30/31+3thp HD: 3/3d10+2

    Bolts: 15
    Bolts used: 0
    Handaxes: 11/12

    1) 2/3 Absorb Elements, Cure Wounds, Hunters Mark
    4/4 Boon of the Elk. Can cast Knock four times (without the loud sound) as an Action. Until he uses the last one, non-good aligned Fey count among his Favoured Enemies.

    Party Loot


    Stop at Julkoun and ask about Estor the priest for Hadesha, the priestess of Chauntea in Daggerford. DEAD
    Find out the fate of the storyteller Findledan (Jesters Pride tavern) for the dryad Oyfanen outside Julkoun.


    Tommi - human rogue urban bounty hunter
    Dandin - halfling bard guild merchant
    Enseth - warforged war cleric shield guardian
    Angis Honack - dwarven ranger outlander merchant
    Drui Holderhock - dwarven cleric of Tempus soldier
    Titus - human Waterdhavian noble fighter

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    [Strategic advice: ] Never leave your wingman.

    Complying with his Master's directives, Enseth stays in formation with Angis and move forward to the Hobgoblin.

    ORB4, mark the target for our friends, will you.
    "Bee-boop" acknowledged the drone before flying to the Hobgoblin.

    OOC: Movement: with Angis
    ORB4: help anyone who's trying to shoot the Hobgoblin.

    Enseth's ward took 6 of the 9 damage so he is at 19/22 hp.

    HP: 19/22 HD:1/1d8 - 2/2d6
    AC: 20 (22 Shield of Faith, 25 Shield, 27 both)
    PP: 14
    Arcane Ward: 0/6 HP
    Speed. 40 ft.
    Spell slots:
    1st: 3/4
    2nd: 1/2
    Active Spell:
    War Priest: 2/2
    Arcane Recovery: 1/1
    Darts: 20/20
    Javelins: 3/5
    Caltrops: 100/100
    Health Potions: 0
    Coins: 272 gp, 9 sp.
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    "I'll get the fires" shouts Tommi to Angis and the rest, as he tries to lob his third stone into the remaining Hobgoblin.

    OOC: ROund 3.
    Attack, with advantage (help from Orb): better of (1d20+5)[20] and (1d20+5)[11]. If a hit, damage = (3d6+3)[16] (with Sneak Attack).

    Move: Tommi will linger behind to put out the fires, now that he knows that works. Even if it takes 2 rounds, he can catch up with dash later, and putting out the fires, saving the bridge, seems the right thing to do. He needs to be with in 30' of them for that, so he'll move forward 30' now, and, (bonus) Dodge.

    Sorry for being so slow on this turn.

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    Angis, Enseth, ORB4, and Tommi

    Angis and Enseth rushed down the bridge while Tommi considered the fire. He could snuff it out, as he had the other, but the light rain would probably do the trick. Without the goblins there to torch more of the bridge, it seemed likely that the fire would go out on its own, having only done damage to the rail - easily repaired.

    Hoping he was right, Tommi launched a stone at the hobgoblin as it again began to lift a horn to blow the alarm while waving off ORB4. The stone struck the hobgoblin square in the nose, and the slaver fell to the ground, unable to breathe. It died wheezing.

    Hobgoblin Archer2

    Far to the south, a hobgoblin armed with a bow was on look-out. In the dim light of the fires on the bridge the hobgoblin could make out some shadowy figures moving about. The sound of the river was too loud to make out any sound of battle, but the archer was pretty sure that there were more, bigger creatures over there than the goblin fire-makers. He was about to investigate when a large group of prisoners where dragged past him, blocking his view.

    Zasha vs Hobgoblin2

    She was found. The pig-face who was looking for her came around the corner in his noisy armour and began to run toward her. Zasha jumped over the water-barrel and ran down the lane. She had played games like this with her cousins, but this was no game. She ran for her life, circling the building. She was scared of every shadow, wondering if there was a goblin there to jump on her.

    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) Hobgoblin1 16 (Tommi's Stone, Dead);
    (PCs) None; (NPCs) None

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