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    "Go Sooty, go!"

    With less and less options, Lorenn needs to keep moving, using hit and fly tactics.

    OOC: Action:rapier: 1d20+8 23 2d8+5 16 1d8+3 4
    KDS1 16, KDS2 4
    Bonus Action:
    Movement: AQ25

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    Primus, Kalorn & Loklafd vs Ice Troll 1 & 2

    Primus found that the Troll was particularly vulnerable to a mental attack, as he had suspected. He entered the creature's mind and did random damage. The Troll shook his head from side to side, as if something was in its ears. Kalorn took advantage of the distraction and stabbed the creature deep in the abdomen and up. The Troll fell back, landing on the other one.

    Loklafd jumped in beside Kalorn and he burnt the first troll's wound with his torch. The rapid healing stopped, and the troll sighed as it died. Kalorn lunged for the troll underneath, but the troll pushed the body off the top of it, blocking Kalorn's sword as it got to its feet.

    The troll roared and lunged at Loklafd, who shoved his torch in the creature's face. Then it swiped him with a claw and the Reghedman stumbled back. Kalorn stepped up to cover Loklafd as he recovered his footing, and he too was raked with the troll's claws.

    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) Troll1 24 (Primus' Mindblast) & 27 (Kalorn's Sword) & 1 Fire (Loklafd's Torch) (Dead!);
    Troll2 1 Fire (Loklafd's Torch)
    (PCs) Kalorn 9 Healing (Troll1's Death) & 13 (Troll2's Claw);
    (NPCs) Loklafd 11 (Troll2's Claw)

    Troll1 Int Save vs Primus
    1d20-2: 7 [1d20=9]
    Loklafd Torch vs Troll1 & Troll2
    2#2d20k1+5: 2 # 17 [2d20k1=[12], 8] 23 [2d20k1=[18], 4
    Troll2 Bite & Claw vs Loklafd; Claw vs Kalorn (Crit!)
    3#1d20+7: 3 # 8 [1d20=1] 18 [1d20=11] 27 [1d20=20]
    1d6+4: 7 [1d6=3]
    2#2d6+4: 2 # 11 [2d6=1, 6] 8 [2d6=1, 3] Crit: 2d6: 5 [2d6=1, 4]

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    Lorenn vs Kobolds to the South

    Lorenn thrust his rapier into the throat of an armoured kobold and then flew away on his flying board. The other armoured kobold ran after him, barely keeping up on its short legs. Still, a veritable horde of the creatures rushed into the hall, slinging stones and spells his way. Lorenn made for the cover of the side-tunnel that led to the first chamber as Sooty flew away down the gradual slope that led toward the others.

    Lorenn's leg and his board were coated by a layer of ice by the Kobold Sorcerer's frosty spell, and he was struck in the shoulder with a stone, but the corner of the tunnel took most of the Kobold's attacks (including a clay pot full of acid that was hurled by a kobold alchemist.) Lorenn was safe enough, and he could hear the sound of the Troll battle down the gradual slope in the circular corridor.

    GM: Probably worth not blowing a spell slot on Shield. Up to you.
    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) KDS1 16 (Lorenn's Sword) (Dead); KDS3 4 (Lorenn's GFB)
    (PCs) Lorenn 6 Cold & -10 SPD (KSorc1 Ray of Frost) & 3 (Kobold Sling Stone);
    (NPCs) None

    KDS2 Fire damage as he's burnt free of the webs
    2d4: 5 [2d4=3, 2]
    KDS4 Spear throw vs Lorenn (Clatter)
    1d20+3: 11 [1d20=8]
    1d6+1: 7 [1d6=6]
    KSorc1 Ray of Frost vs Lorenn (w/Pack Tactics)
    2d20k1+4: 23 [2d20k1=[19], 4]
    1d8: 6 [1d8=6]
    Kobold Sling Stones vs Lorenn (w/Pack Tactics)
    4#2d20k1+4: 4 # 22 [2d20k1=[18], 12] 14 [2d20k1=[10], 1] 13 [2d20k1=[9], 8] 17 [2d20k1=[13], 12]
    4#1d4+2: 4 # 3 [1d4=1] 6 [1d4=4] 5 [1d4=3] 6 [1d4=4]
    KAlch3 Acid Pot vs Lorenn
    1d20+5: 16 [1d20=11]
    2d6: 6 [2d6=3, 3]

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    Mord hissed as the kobold stabbed him again. He now realized that this kobold had figured out the nature of the illusion he had been using as a cover. Nevertheless, he had bigger fish to fry now.

    The warlock moved back towards the real fight. As he moved, he waved his dagger to to block the kobolds punative strike. A wave of force nearly deflected the attack, but yet another hot bead of blood dribbled down his arm. Reaching the far edge of the zone, Mord made use of it's concealment to strike out with a double blast of eldritch energy at the unsuspecting troll. Then he finished moving as far into the corridor as he could.

    OOC: Entropic Ward used 1/1

    Assuming I can use the cover to attack the troll with advantage. If not though, I hit a 17 and a 13.

    Eldritch Blast: 2#2d20k1+8 22 22 2#1d10+4 14 10

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    Ooc: kalorn will have to do a concentration check on that illusion, I think that it is a concentration spell. Dc is 10


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    OOC 2: Kalorn got hit twice so here is the 2nd concentration check. A big advantage of off-board website like orokos and coyote code is that I can see my roll before I finish posting, so I can describe the action in one post.

    2nd concentration check: 1d20+5 13

    Bespite being pumped and clawed by the trolls, Kalorn was able to keep part of his mind focused on the illusion spell going on in the side passage - a skill he had mastered painfully many years ago, courtesy of his uncle. He trusted that Mord had things under control.

    He also got a report from Echo and grimaced.

    "Lorenn is falling back, with many kobolds in chase! Be wary! And have that torch ready!"

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    Sesto steps forward to take a swipe at the icy troll. With a mighty blow, the Lifebender connects with the troll's knee and it stumbles. Sesto tries to direct a hit with his spectral mace but it seems to bounce of the troll's hide.
    Quick, Sesto yells, we need more fire!

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    Sesto & Mord vs Ice Troll 2 & 3

    Mord left the last Kobold behind and stepped through Kalorn's illusion to fire eldritch energy at the second troll as Sesto struck it in the knee with his mace. The troll howled and was struck by the eldritch bolt. It elbowed aside Sesto's flying spectral mace as it ducked Mord's second bolt. Deciding that the illusion was no longer effectively aiding him, Mord moved out into the circular tunnel. He saw Sooty flying down from the gradual slope up toward they way they had entered, and he could hear the sound of Lorenn fighting the kobolds that Kalorn described.

    The last of the Trolls seemed reluctant to slide down the steep slope with a fighting crowd at the bottom, so it tore another chunk of ice off of the wall and hurled it at Kalorn. The ceiling sloped as well, so throwing the hunk of ice over the other troll without striking the ceiling was difficult, and this time the troll failed to do so - the hunk of ice struck the overhang and crashed to the ground behind Kalorn, skidding to a stop near Primus.

    GM: I'm gonna roll the round over. @Charwoman Gene Alhana hasn't gone, so take two turns when you get the chance.
    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) Ice Troll2 14 (Mord's EB) & 15 (Sesto's mace);
    (PCs) None; (NPCs) None

    Troll3 Ice Hunk vs Kalorn.
    1d20+7: 9 [1d20=2]
    2d6+4: 12 [2d6=3, 5]

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    Location: Ice Caves Encounter: Kobolds & Ice-Trolls

    End Round Three; Begin Round Four

    Party (PCs)

    Name * (Position) * AC * HP * Notes
    Primus (T19) PP19 AC11(16) HP 29/59 HD 7/8
    Alhana (Z17) PP14* AC17 HP 68/68 HD 8/8
    Mord (X17) PP11* AC14 HP 37/51 HD 5/8
    Lorenn (AQ25) PP14* AC17(20) HP 37/54 HD 6/8
    Sesto (O17) PP15 AC18* HP 32/59 HD 5/8
    Kalorn (P19) PP15 AC16(21)* HP 50/63 HD 8/8

    Allies (NPCs)

    *Eko (XX) PP13 AC11 HP 0/1 (Burnt)
    Loklafd (QP18) PP12 AC14 HP 47/58 HD 7/9
    Sooty (AD18) PP11** AC12 HP 1/1

    Enemies (BGs) North

    *Ice Troll1 (M17N18) HP less 103 (Dead)
    Ice Troll2 (N18O19) HP less 37 (Fire)
    Ice Troll3 (I19J20)
    *KoboldAlchemist1 (O7) HP less 23 (Dead)
    *KoboldAlchemist2 (W7) HP less 18 (Dead)
    *Kobold1 (P8) HP less 13 (Dead)
    *Kobold2 (AB8) HP less 13 (Dead)
    Kobold3 (U12)

    Enemies (BGs) South

    KoboldSorcerer1 (AS34)
    KoboldSorcerer2 (AP39)
    KoboldAlchemist3 (AS31)
    *KoboldDragonshield1 (AR33) HP less 45 (Dead)
    KoboldDragonshield2 (AT33)
    KoboldDragonshield3 (AQ26) HP less 14
    KoboldDragonshield4 (AR32)
    Kobold4 (AQ36)
    Kobold5 (AQ32)
    Kobold6 (AP33)
    Kobold7 (AR37)
    Kobold8 (AQ38)
    Kobold9 (AQ40)

    North Map
    Name:  IceCave5.png
Views: 46
Size:  217.4 KB

    South Map
    Name:  IceCaveS4.png
Views: 85
Size:  189.2 KB

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    Mord kept his dagger out and fired off another pair of blasts at the troll before moving back along the passageway in hope of outpacing the kobold should it decide to brave the battle to come after him. He could hear some other noise in the distance, and pulled up short, realizing that he might end up at the forefront of another fracas.

    OOC: Eldritch Blast: 2#1d20+8 13 19 2#1d10+4 9 13

    Move 25 ft. Back along the wall.

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