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D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

Prickly Pear

Sesto had noticed another skragg appearing on top of the ridge. He swung the spectral mace at it a coupel of times in the hopes to knock it off the ridge. Pleased, he heard the mace connecting with two satisfying crunching thuds.
He continued to attend to Oggsbruff and called for him to return from the dark. Come on... Wake up! Wake up! Lathander heard his plea and Oggsbruff opened his eyes.
There you go, Sesto said soothingly. Your time to die is yet to come. Now, take a few moments to recover and then you can join us in the fray again. Sesto patted Oggsbruff on the shoulder and said, as he turned to the fight yet again; But stay alive this time, we need you to lead your troops!

OOC: Bonus Action (previous round): Spiritual Weapon attack and damage (force): 1D20+8 = [16]+8 = 24
1D8+5 = [8]+5 = 13

Bonus Action: Spiritual Weapon attack and damage (force): 1D20+8 = [20]+8 = 28
1D8+5 = [4]+5 = 9

Critical hit, nice! Crit damage: 1D8 = [4] = 4 Total of 13.
Action: Sesto casts Revivify on Oggsbruff (3rd level spell).
You touch a creature thal has died within the last minule. That creature returns to life with 1 hit point. This spell can't return to life a creature that has died of old age, nor can it restore any missing body parts.
Move: Sesto doesn't move.

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Eastern Lair

Ignoring the dracolich that flew behind them, the trolls continued to tear and rend at the Dragon Cultists. Blurcho leaped off the icy ledge and chased the retreating Wyrmsoul Arrufel. The big horned cat-like creature lunged with his oversized greatsword, running it into the troll (to no avail) as Blurcho tore him asunder. Much to the troll's surprise as Blurcho leaned in to bite, the dead body of the catfolk shrunk in his hands, to a limp mangy tabaxi. A crown fell from the ugly, lifeless head and clattered to the icy floor.

Even a brute as slow-witted as Blurcho found this strange - Arrufel had had majestic horns growing from his head when he had been a large, magnificent cult leader - no crown had been apparent. But now his horns were gone. The crown lay on the ground - it was made from silver, bone, and ivory. It was rustic, but Blurcho thought it looked pretty.

Blurcho remembered where he was as two arrows pierced his back, fired by the annoying archer-cultist on the northern ridge. He turned to see that his two remaining pals were tearing apart one of the last two cultists that were fighting on the ground. And somewhere off in the foggy darkness behind them was the beating of wings.

Blurcho did 12 & 12 (claw) damage to Arrufel (dead)
Troll3 did 15 (claw) & 5 (bite) damage to DW1 (dead)
Troll4 did 12 (claw) & 8 (bite) damage to DW2
Arrufel did 15 (sword) damage to Blurcho & died
DFang1 did 7 & 9 (bow) damage to Blurcho
did 8 (sword) damage to Troll3 & died
DWing2 did 6 & 8 (sword) damage to Troll3


Western Lair

Oodnadatta clambered up the icy ridge, shoving his brother aside as he picked up Alhana and got her out of harm's way. The elf hopped along the ridge, firing two arrows into the foggy darkness. Far away, they found their targets - thumping into the back of the bone-dragon. Oogabooga and the drowned troll tore into each other, and the living troll came out on top, biting and clawing chunks of frozen flesh until the undead stopped twitching.

Loklafd was in a tough spot, for a moment between two drowned trolls. He backed up the ridge as best he could, and when the creature bit into his wooden leg (getting a small bit of the stump in the process), the aging northman thrust his torch into the thing's face - burning its eyes and catching its scraggly hair alight. The thing howled and fell back, sliding down the ridge. Dead at last.

On the other side of the ridge, Sesto reached down to the broken body of the big troll champion. Lathander's light shone on it, and the troll's regeneration reignited. Oggsbruff's wounds closed, and he got up, roaring "Where be da draggitch? Eyem not dead yed! Eyemma geddim!"

Without so much as a thank-you to the cleric, Oggsbruff bounded down the ridge in pursuit of the dracolich, leaving Sesto to deal with the last of the drowned trolls, which climbed over the ridge and leaped at him. Sesto's mace was chasing it, pounding away at its back. The undead troll clawed and raked at Sesto, as the cleric did his best to hold it off with his glowing shield.

Mord climbed on what was left of his troll skeleton minion and rode it off into the swirling mists while calling to the others. He fired two eldritch bolts, but even he couldn't tell if he'd hit anything important.

OOC: Still Loren, @Ancalagon Kalorn and @tglassy Primus to go, (as well as Icy Death & his lair). I'll wait a few days, but then I'll take the dragon's turn. I'd still like to get this fight done. I'm not gonna wait forever. Anyone who wants to can post for Lorenn.

Alhana moved to (AZ48) & did 12 & 10 (bow) damage to IcyDeath
Kalorn ??
Mord got carried to (BP52) & missed (EB)
Primus ??
Sesto did 13 & 13 (sw) damage to Sk4 & revivified Oggsbruff
Oggsbruff stood & dashed to (AT59)
Oogabooga moved to (AV46) & did 11 (claw) & 7 (bite) damage (resisted) to Sk3
moved to (AW50) & picked up Alhana & moved her
Loklafd did 5 (torch) damage to Sk2
picked up Mord & moved to (BP52)
Lair ??
Skragg2 moved to (AS48) & did 7 (bite) damage to Loklafd & died
Skragg3 did 13 (claw) & 7 (bite) damage to Ooga & died
Skragg4 moved to (AN54) & did 11 (claw) & 8 (bite) damage to Sesto
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Prickly Pear

Lorenn went into pursuit of the Dragon but didn't quite catch up. Instead, Lorenn uttered a brief incantation and, in a silvery mist, he suddenly appeared on the Dragon's back. With Lightblade held at a ready, he stab the dragon between its shoulder blades.

OOC: Move: 50ft towards IcyDeath
Bonus Action: Lorenn casts Misty Step and aims for the for the dragon's back, between the shoulder blades.
Action: Lorenn casts Booming Blade;
Lorenn, Booming Blade attack + damage (magical piercing and thunder): 1D20+8 = [15]+8 = 23
1D8+5+1D8 = [2]+5+[4] = 11
, and
Lorenn, thunder damage, if Dragon moves willingly.: 2D8 = [4, 3] = 7

The above applies if the Dragon was within 80ft of Lorenn, otherwise Lorenn moves 50ft and casts Firebolt, which misses:
Lorenn, Firebolt attack + damage: 1D20+6 = [3]+6 = 9
2D10 = [6, 3] = 9



Fall of Icy Death

Primus sent his eye forward searching for the dracolich and climbed down the dangerous icy ridge. Kalorn was below him, shuffling forward on his bad leg, sending cursed eldritch bolts off into the fog-swirled darkness. Suddenly, the ridge exploded into icy shards, showering both men and leaving them tattered, ragged and cut.

Above them, Lorenn flew as far and as fast as he could on his board. He could see the dragon's bony tail snaking away in the fog as it flew. In one last effort to catch up, he cast a spell that caused him to disappear in a burst of mist and to appear again nearer to his foe. Unfortunately for him, as he lunged with his sword, the Dracolich twisted around in the air, sensing where he was in spite of the sudden teleport and his mirror images.

Lorenn thrust his blade into the creature's neck, blocking a vicious bite - but he was raked by claws and he felt the world slipping from his view as they tore at his flesh. Mord saw him fall from his board and land hard on the icy ground as the dracolich turned, beating its skeletal wings. Lorenn's blade had left a glowing line on the dracolich's neck-vertebrae and as it made to fly away the line burst into light and sound.

A loud boom filled the chamber, followed by a crashing noise as the dragon's skull landed in front of Mord and skidded on the ice. Then more bones rained down - THUMP, clunk, clunk, THUMP, THUMP, clunk.

The dracolich was defeated.

GM: Resolutions
Lorenn flew & teleported to (CA50) & did 11 (sword) and 7 (thunder) damage to IcyDeath (Destroyed)
Kalorn moved to (BA55) & missed with EB
Primus moved his eye & climbed to (AU52)
Lair did 10 (ice) damage to Primus & 10 & 6 (ice) damage to Kalorn
Flew to (CA46) & Did 14 & 15 (Claw) damage to Lorenn (down) & flew to... oops Boom.



With the dracolich destroyed, the drowned trolls fell into a useless stupor and were quickly torn apart by the other trolls. The remaining cultists, too, were killed before Imani's agents could take a single prisoner.

Oggsbruff fetched up the dragon's skull and held it over his head yelling, "Dat's rite! Hoos da boss 'ere? Oggsbruff be king ovva Berg! Ol'Icy Def iz DEAD! Wooohaw!"

He carried the skull around, showing it to every troll he could find. They all bellowed in triumph and acknowledged Oggsbruff as their king.

Mord had his remaining troll skeleton gather up Lorenn's torn body, and Sesto was able to save him. While the icy chamber remained cold and dark, with the dracolich's demise, the fog seemed less dense and the cold more bearable. Imani's agents searched the lair's treasure-hordes, eventually coming upon the object of their quest: The Draakhorn - frozen in a block of ice. They melted and hacked away at the ice until it was free. This was exhausting work, and by the time it was finished, Imani's agents were happy to rest in the cultist's encampment in the Eastern part of the lair.

By the time they had finished resting, much of the dragon's other treasures had been taken by the trolls. Still, Imani's agents had gathered enough to reward both themselves and the crew of the Frostskimmer, and had acquired the object they'd came for.

OOC: I'll continue in a bit. There was always a cultist camp on my map (a lot of my maps have stuff off the sides that you guys don't get to see if you don't go that way - I tend to make them so you can go wherever. See?


When they awoke from their rest, they gathered the cultist's belongings (loot, cold-weather tents, etc) and began the arduous task of raising the Draakhorn out of the lair. Macaath the Crimson came to join them. She was impressed that they had managed to defeat the dracolich saying, "Not to belittle your skill, but you were very lucky."

The ice-hunters were far more impressed. It took some discussion before they even believed it - but Chief Barking-seal came around, finally letting out a long barking laugh that gave him his name. He had imprisoned the Shaman Bone-carver (for having aided Imani's Agents in getting into the lair) for he feared the Dragon's wrath. Now he freed her, and rewarded her by declaring her his most trusted advisor, much to Orca-Heart's anger (Orca-Heart was his previous second, a mean-spirited warrior).

The ice-hunters had a celebration, and it appeared that they intended to abandon their village on Oyaviggaton (they would be no happier under King Oggsbruff's rule) and they would begin anew elsewhere. This migration would take some time, but for now they helped Imani's Agents to leave by sending kayaks to fetch the Frostskimmer, and providing labour and expertise in moving the Draakhorn down to the ship's landing.

King Oggbruff was happy to let all the human-types to leave. With the trolls, he had taken much of the credit for the victory, but secretly he was grateful to Sesto for having saved his life. In a quiet get-together, he presented Sesto with the crown that Blurcho had taken from the cultist Arrufel. (The trolls had not been able to figure out how its magic worked, and so it was just a crudely-made crown of bone and horn). Still, it was a crown, and Oggsbruff had punished Blurcho for wearing it.

Queen Marfulb, of the Ice Toads, was content. She was very diplomatic, and while she was no fan of the Trolls, she had a reluctant understanding with them. She wished Imani's Agents well, and gave Captain Lerustah Half-Face a map of the Sea-of-Moving-Ice, complete with seasonal berg-migration - a valuable navigation tool.

With that, it was a quick journey back to Luskan, where they returned Macaath the Crimson to the Hosttower of the Arcane. The Arcane Brotherhood was in their debt, though they suspected collecting on it would never be easy. Imani himself arrived at the tower by teleport, and Macaath taught him the basics of how to use the Draakhorn.

OOC: Still more to come...
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