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D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

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Loklafd gasped as the dragon flew out of it's makeshift crater. The creature was huge and it blew past him in a gust. He had little chance to admire it though, as it quickly dove into the mist and darkness of it's lair and was obscured once more to his sight.

What's more, he had other worries now. One of the frozen trolls had climbed up and now harried Alhana. He turned and attempted to ward off the beast with a pair of stabs with his javelin and a swipe of his torch. Alas, his foot slipped on the ice and his attacks were clumsy and easily avoided, even by these creatures.

Javelin + Torch: 3#1d20+5 12 10 11 2#1d6+3 7 5 1d4+3 7
Took a bit of an assumption on him being able to do this, but he sucked anyways so...


As the Dracolich lifted into the air, freezing mist swirled about it. Lorenn rode the currents like a boss and slashed the creature with his sword, which rang out a loud boom. The dragon swept off as those that had surrounded it tumbled back. As they began to recover, huge chunks of ice exploded into terrible shards, scratching them terribly. Sesto retaliated with Lathander's light, and the dracolich was scorched.

Kalorn slid off the ledge and worked his way around the ice-wall, bloody and angry. He fired eldritch bolts after the dracolich as it flew away into fog and darkness. Primus climbed onto the highest part of the ridge and he reached out with his mind, but the dracolich's mind was cold death and he could not find a way in.

As the dracolich flew past Mord, the warlock flung eldritch energy in a glancing blow as he made to meet up with his skeletal minion. The dragon, the troll skeleton, and Mord arrived near the crevasse's choke-point around the same time, and the warlock and his minion were battered by the force of the dragon's skeletal wing-beats.

OOC: I gotta break this up or I'll never get it done... bear with me.

Lorenn did 14 (sword opp) to IcyDeath
moved to (AU58), healed 12 HP (2W) & missed (EB)
Mord moved to (BH61) & did 9 (EB) damage to IcyDeath
moved to (AS51) & sent ego whip at IcyDeath (saved)
Sesto did 13 (sacred flame opp attack) damage to IcyDeath
dashed to (BK54)
Lair did 7 (cold) damage to Sesto & 12 to Lorenn & 8 to Kalorn
did Wing Buffet & flew to (BQ50)
(13 damage to Mord & 15 to MordTroll & fall prone. (dc19 Dex Save for half & not prone).
... but failed to recharge breath weapon!
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Mord mord wasn't prepared. As the dragon turned and flew over him the weight of it's massive wing beats flattened him to the ice. With a gtroan he started to roll over only to see that his minion was prone, it's own body seeming on the verge of structual collapse.

Mord: Dexterity Save: 1d20+2 3 32/55 HP

Skeleton: Dexterity Save: 1d20 5 3/39 hp


Against the Drowned Trolls

As much as she would have liked to have fired her bow at the Dracolich, Alhana did not want to be killed by an undead troll, so she shouldered her bow and thrust her sword at the creature as it tried to scratch at her on the ledge. She had the higher ground and she got a few good cuts in at its head, while it scratched her leg.

Loklafd came to help, but he could not get a good footing to thrust his spear, but he distracted the creature with his torch. Another of the drowned trolls climbed the ridge behind Loklafd, and the old hunter found himself surrounded, barely able to keep his footing. He was pretty sure he wasn't going to make it.

Then from out of the fog came a lumbering troll - Oogabooga had arrived. By some instinct, Alhana's foe turned on its cousin, biting him as he climbed the ridge. Oogabooga had been freed up to join the fray on the ridge when his brother, Oodnadatta, had rended in two the troll that they had been chasing. Oodnadatta was down there as well, working his way to the base of the ridge.

Another of the undead trolls was climbing over the far-end of the ridge, but it appeared to be distracted by Sesto's flying spirit-mace.

Alhana did 6 & 7 (sword) damage (resisted) to Skragg3
missed (spear & torch)
Oodnadatta did 12 & 8 (claw) damage (resisted) to Skragg5 (Dead) & moved to (AX44)
Oogabooga dashed to (AW48)
Skragg2 dashed to (AR48)
Skragg3 did 8 (claw) damage to Alhana & 9 (bite) damage to Ooga
dashed to (AL50)
Skragg5 died


Loose Ends

Sesto climbed to his feet. Now that the fog in the dracolich's ice-fort was not so thick, he could see Oggsbruff, ripped and torn beyond the big troll's ability to regenerate. He raised his shield and prayed, bathing his friends in Lathander's healing light. He saw the undead troll climbing the ridge above him, and he sent his spirit-mace to intervene.

Lorenn urged his flying board to chase the dragon. For a brief moment, he thought he would catch up, but the dragon's tail swiped at him, causing him to spin around in circles and to lose one of his mirror-image duplicates. Then, the dracolich was off, flying away into the dark swirling mists of the Eastern Lair.

Eastern Lair

The battle between the Dragon Cultists and the trolls had continued to rage. Sargloth had taken the worst of it, and had finally been brought low by the cultists. Blurcho was badly cut up, but he was determined to get at the strange catfolk leader, Wyrmsoul Arrufel, who had moved back into the cavern, wounded but still dangerous.

The sound of beating wings and growling could be heard by the trolls, coming from the south-west....

OOC: Sesto can attack Skragg4 with his Spirtual Weapon if he still had a bonus action this round (just do it twice next round, if you have the actions). I think Blurcho might like to get the kill on Arrufel, if @Ancalagon wants to roll it.

Sesto did preserve life (see post for healing) & moved to (AP55)
Lorenn flew to (BM51) & missed (sword)
IcyDeath hit Lorenn's Mirror Image (tail) & dashed to (CF44)


GM: Encounter: Imani's Agents & Oggsbruff vs Old Icy Death in his Lair on Oyaviggaton

((BGs)Sk2 (AR48); Sk3 (AU48); Sk4 (AL50); [B]Sk5[/b] (BB40)
(PCs)Alhana (AV50); Kalorn (AU58); Lorenn (BM52); Mord (BH61); Primus (AS52); Sesto (AP55)
(NPCs)Oggsbruff (AO53); Loklafd (AT49); Ooga (AW48); Oodna (AX44); MordTroll (BK54, Prone); Berserkers) (Gone);
(Spells) Sesto's Mace (AN51); Lorenn's Flaming Sphere (AS42); Primus Psychic Eye (AP50)
Encounter: Ice Trolls vs Cult of the Dragon in East Lair of Oyaviggaton

(BGs)IcyDeath (CF44); Arrufel (CU25);
(BGs)DF1 (CH28); DF2 (Dead); DW1 (CQ29); DW2 (CN32); DW3 (Dead); DW4 (Dead);
(Trolls)Sargloth (CM33); Blurcho (CU30); IT3 (CO33); IT4 (CR33)
Visibility (Dark & Foggy) Darkvision 60'=40' (120'=80'), Light (Sesto & Loklafd) 30'ra (15/15).
Terrain Difficult (Everywhere) (Crampons/Claws ignore) (Slide w/ dc11 Acrobatics).
Elevation 8' per colour (darker at bottom) (Down = 15' move; Up = 15' & dc15 Athletics)
(See OOC post#1034 for details)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Alhana AC17 HP 23/68 HD 8/8 PP14* 2W 0/1 AA 1/2
Kalorn AC16(21)* HP 31/63 THP 0/15 HD 8/8 PP15 WSS 0/2 EKSS 2/2
Lorenn AC17(20) HP 17/54 HD 8/8 PP14* SS 2/4 1/3 3/3 Song 1/2 (Mirror)
Mord AC14 HP 32/51 HD 8/8 PP11* SS 1/2
Primus AC12(16) HP 38/59 HD 8/8 PP19 Psi(6) 15/44
Sesto AC18* HP 29/59 HD 8/8 PP15 SS 4/4 2/3 1/3 1/2 CD 1/2 (Light)
Loklafd AC14 HP 17/58 HD 9/9 PP12
Mordtroll AC12 HP 3/39 PP9*
Oggsbruff AC17 HP 0/105 PP13* (Dead)
Oogabooga AC16 HP 71/84 PP12*
Oodnadatta AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Sargloth AC18 HP 0/84 PP12* (Dead)
Blurcho AC16 HP 50/84 PP12*
Ice Troll3 AC16 HP 73/84 PP12*
Ice Troll4 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Name * Damage Taken * (Notes)
Old Icy Death 175;
Wyrmsoul Arrufel 100;
Dragonfang1 0; DF2 88 (Dead);
Dragonwing1 20; DW2 0; DW3 40 (Dead); DW4 38 (Dead);
Skragg1 86 (Dead); Sk2 80; Sk3 74; Sk4 9; Sk5 87 (Dead); Sk6 82 (Dead);
End Round Eleven; Begin Round Twelve

Prickly Pear

Oodnadatta was just a few paces after his brother Oogabooga. He scrambled up the icy ridge and around his brother only to find a puny human in his way. Get out of my way, Ooodnadatta growled and then he grab Alhana and put her down on the other side.
Surprised, Alhana found herself going through the air and put firmly down on top of the ridge, away from the drowned troll she was facing. The ice troll had, not unkindly, moved her out of harms way just so that he could tear into the undead troll himself. Great! she thought and looked around for the dragon. She carefully walked over the slippery ice to a slightly more elevated position for a better view. It was dark and it was foggy but she could her it beating the wings far away. She sheathed her sword and nocked an arrow. I cannot see you but I can hear you, she thought, and loosened a couple of arrows in the direction of the sound.

OOC: Oodnadatta:
Move: AW50
Action: Grab Alhana and move her to other side, AY50

Move: AZ48, half speed to avoid falling.
Action: Dragon attack! Alhana, two longbow attacks, with disadvantage, without sharpshooter feat + damage: 2D20.LOW(1)+11 = [18, 11]+11 = 22
1D8+6 = [6]+6 = 12
2D20.LOW(1)+11 = [15, 20]+11 = 26
1D8+6 = [4]+6 = 10



Mord skittered to his feet as he summobed his skeletal minion to actch and carry him after the dracolich. As he moced he called out to his allies. "He moves to the east! Make all haste!"

As he landed in his minions arms the creature struck off in pursuit of the dracolich, getting Mord just into range to strike. Unfortunately, he found it difficult to aim his wand while being jostled about. Both shots struck something with telling blows, but even with his enhanced eyesight, Mord couldn't be sure what.

Eldritch Blast: 2#1d20+8 14 14 2#1d10+4 10 14

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