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D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich


Mord was making his way along the ice shelf when the noise ahead of him changed suddenly. No wait, it'd moved, and a few voices cut off mid-yell. Then he heard Kalorn shouting his curse at the dragon and it seemed to be coming from his left. He wasn't quite sure what had happened, but Mord decided to investigate. He slid to a stop and altered course, taking the left fork in the path and instructing his remaining skeleton to go around the southern end of the ice shelf as quickly as it could manage. Managing to keep his footing Mord rounded the bend in the path and finally came to a point where he found an entirely artificial looking wall of ice before him. Perhaps the dracolich was trying to hide from it's attackers? He was still rather far from the action, but he understood that grouping up with the others could be a very bad plan. There was another ice shelf to his left, perhaps even a bit taller than the one that he was on? Weaving a spell he teleported himself to that shelf, landing as close to the dragon's position as he could safely do.

disadvantage: 1d20+1 6 The skelly will make a double move south and around the ledge.

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Prickly Pear

Oodnadatta saw his chunk of ice fall short and miss the skragg. This is useless, he said to himself, I need to get up close.
It was like moving through a thick ice slurry on a warm summers day. Eventually, Oodnadatta reached his brother Oogabooga and the other skragg. But everything was slow and he could not find it in himself to attack the skragg.
Slow and useless!
This made him angry, and with immense will power Oodnadatta manage to clear his head of all the ice that was floating around inside his mind.



Against the Dracolich

Imani's Agents found themselves along a ridge made of craggy, cracked ice. It was steep, slick, sharp, and treacherous and it took each of them a brief moment to get their footing and figure out where they were. Or so it seemed - each of them reacted quickly and well, and they burst into action. Loklafd threw a torch into the swirling dark fog below them, and though it disappeared, it briefly illuminated the shadow of an enormous dragon skeleton.

This caused Oggsbruff to leap off the ledge yelling, "Dere 'ee iz! Eye'm gonna killem!"

Which then led to the sound of roaring, thumping, and tearing flesh. Though no one could see it, Oggsbruff did not fare well: Though he managed to scratch a claw-mark across it's bony jaw, he was torn apart by tooth and claw. As his body began to knit itself back together, the dragon clawed and chewed to keep him down.

The lair itself responded to the Dracolich's will, and icy shards exploded all around. Kalorn took a shard in his bad leg, but he barely felt it, while the others got lucky and had nothing worse than discomfort - a feeling that was already strongly felt.

Kalorn climbed down into the dense fog, and it was so cold that it was downright painful - hard to breath, hard to keep his eyes open. The dragon's bony tail swung at him from out of the fog, and it smashed into his chest even as he tried to get at it unsuccessfully with his sword.

Mord could hear the battle, and he worked his way toward it on the other end of the ridge. To get closer, he opened a door in space and stepped out on an ice-ledge across from the battle. He couldn't see any of it clearly, but he could tell that Sesto's shield was glowing through the fog from the ridge across from him.

OOC: Still Sesto, Alhana, and Lorenn to go.

Primus teleported himself to (AO50) & others nearby
Loklafd moved to (AN52) & missed (torches)
Kalorn cursed IcyDeath & moved to (AR55) & missed (sword)
Oggsbruff moved to (AO53) & did 14 (claw) damage to IcyDeath
cast Dimension Door and teleported to (BB63)
Lair did 8 (cold) & another 9 (cold fog) (or 4 with a dc10 Con Save) damage to Kalorn
did 11 &15 (claw) & 16 (bite) damage to Oggsbruff (Dying, 2 save failures)
IcyDeath did 14 (tail) damage vs Kalorn

Prickly Pear

With Primus' voice still lingering in his head, Sesto braced himself to be moved. Suddenly, he was nowhere near the skragg that had attacked him. Instead he was looking down a slope into a misty murkiness. A enormous skeletal form was briefly visible as a torch sailed down the slope. Sesto directed his spectral mace to the shape and gave it a good swing but didn't hear it connect.
No time to wait and Sesto moved forward, half walking and half sliding, the crampons on his boots securing his footing. Sesto reached out and touched the dragon while reaching into Lathander's darkest powers, whispering: May the light of Lathander thwart your might!

OOC: Bonus Action:
Spiritual Weapon attack (disadvantage) and force damage: 2D20.LOW(1)+8 = [8, 6]+8 = 14
1D8+5 = [1]+5 = 6

Action: Bestow Curse. Wis Save DC16 or the dragon must make a Wisdom saving throw at the start of each of its turns. lf it fails, it wastes its action that turn doing nothing.
Move: AM55


Dusty Dragon
Loreen moved in, flying silently - he hoped the dragon wouldn't hear him. Kalorn and that troll were making a racket and distracting the drake.

(OOC: I'm assuming that he has bladesong up already)

Cunning Action: Hide check:
Lorenn hide check: 1D20+10 = [14]+10 = 24

(OOC2: I think that's good enough to sneak by a dragon? This will grant Lorenn advantage, canceling the disadvantage. because the dragon is in melee with others and there is no longer disadvantage, sneak attack is possible now)

He swung his magical rapier at the creature's wing, hoping to wreck a joint. As the blade connected, he spoke a potent arcane word, and his blame boomed with energy.

rappier attack by Lorenn vs dragon: 1D20+8 = [20]+8 = 28

(OOC3: YEAH! I actually closed my eyes and said "come on!!" as I click the roll button :D :D :D)

Loreen critical double rapier, double sneak, double booming: 4D8+6D6+5 = [5, 5, 7, 7]+[6, 5, 1, 4, 3, 6]+5 = 54

OOC4: IN YOUR FACE DRAGON :D Also, the dragon is sheathed in booming energy and takes another 2d8 if it moves. I'm not sure if that is multiplied by the critical hit, if so, it's 4d8.

Prickly Pear

Alhana finds herself high up on a ridge. Below her, she could see Loklafd throw a torch into the white mist and, briefly, the dragon was partially lit up.
Ahh, there you are! Better be swift, Alhana thought and hefted the bow and let a couple of arrows fly in the direction of the dragon. How could you possible miss a huge dragon at this distance, she thought as she let loose one arrow after another, murmuring some arcane words to add power to the shots. Alhana heard the familiar thud of a shot that found its target. She knew that poisonous brambles would sprout and take hold of the dragon, causing extra pain.
Satisfied that she hit the dragon where it hurts, she slid down the ridge a little to take cover and prepare herself for the next shots.

OOC: Action:
Alhana, two longbow attacks, with disadvantage, without sharpshooter feat + damage: 2D20.LOW(1)+11 = [4, 1]+11 = 12
1D8+6 = [1]+6 = 7
2D20.LOW(1)+11 = [8, 8]+11 = 19
1D8+6 = [8]+6 = 14

Grasping Arrow: Alhana, Grasping Arrow (1) poison and (2) slashing damage: 2D6 = [3, 3] = 6
2D6 = [4, 2] = 6

Grasping Arrow. When this arrow strikes its target, conjuration magic creates grasping, poisonous brambles, which wrap around the target. The creature hit by the arrow takes an extra 2d6 poison damage, its speed is reduced by 10 feet, and it takes 2d6 slashing damage the first time on each turn it moves 1 foot or more without teleporting. The target or any creature that can reach it can use its action to remove the brambles with a successful Strength (Athletics) check against your Arcane Shot save DC. Otherwise, the brambles last for 1 minute or until you use this option again. (XGtE p29)
Alhana's DC=13
Move: Down the ridge a little to take cover.


Against the Dracolich

Having arrived with the teleport, Sesto prayed to Lathander to curse the dracolich. A soft glow appeared through the dense fog, but then the dragon roared and the light winked out. It seemed that in its own lair, a dragon could cancel the influence of a god. It wasn't easy for the dragon, though, and it was distracted while Lorenn flew around a peak in the ice-ridge and dove his flying board down into the freezing mists. He lunged with his sword and felt it bite solidly into a bony ridge just behind the dracolich's head.

The dragon roared again, this time in pain, and the cavern shook as Alhana climbed to the top of the ice-peak and fired an arrow toward the sound. No one could quite see it, but the dragon's maw became entangled with magical vines that the elf willed into existence with her arrow. Seeking cover, she climbed down the other side of the ice-peak, to find one of the drowned undead trolls climbing up to meet her.

During this time, Sesto had climbed into the coldest mist, directing his spirit-mace at the dracolich. He stumbled past Loklafd's sputtering torch as the dense cold penetrated his armour. Then suddenly a wing swung out of the fog toward him, and the dragon lifted into the air, beating its wings hard to get away. On the other side, Kalorn experienced a similar thing, as the wings beat around them, swirling the icy mists and blowing them back with fierce force.

This gave enough clearing in the mist that they could see Oggsbruff's torn body, frozen in hunks. Even with his amazing regenerative powers the troll king had not survived direct combat with Icy Death.

Alhana did 14 & 6 (grasping arrow) damage to IcyDeath & moved to (AT51)
Lorenn flew (sneaking) to (AQ59) & did 54 (sword crit) & 7 (boom) damage to IcyDeath
missed (SW) & cast Bestow Curse on IcyDeath & moved to (AM55)
Lair did 13 (cold) damage to Sesto & 8 to Lorenn (dc13 Con save for half)
IcyDeath did Wing Buffet & flew to (BB54)
(dc19 Dex Save or 10 damage to Loklafd & 17 to Lorenn & 12 to Kalorn & 16 to Sesto. & each fall prone. Lorenn is 20 feet up and will fall off his board, taking an additional 7 damage. When the dracolich flies away, Sesto & Kalorn can roll opportunity attacks. Lorenn can too, but only if he makes the save (otherwise he falls out of his reaching the dragon). Lolkafd is too far for an opp attack.)


Against the Skraggs

The undead trolls were attracted to the sound of their master's roars. Two of them began to climb the ice-ridge, while one was held back by Oogabooga, and another became surrounded by Lorenn's few remaining berserkers.

Oogabooga tore into one, while the undead troll clawed and bit at him in return. Oodnadatta came up beside his brother and shouldered him to the side, finally free of the lair's magical slowing trap.

The berserkers did their best, but they were outmatched: one got in a solid blow while the other distracted the creature, but the undead tore them both apart. These were the last of Lorenn's horn-summoned northmen, and the horn sounded again, as if in an echo, and all of the bodies of the fallen berserkers rose and called out in joy for having fallen in battle once more, and they returned to Valhala for food, music, and song.

Berserker1 missed (axe) & died
Berserker3 moved to (AG40) & did 9 (axe crit) to Skragg4 & died
Oogabooga did 8 & 10 (claw) damage (resisted) to Skragg5
dashed to (BD39) & saved vs slow
Skragg2 dashed to (AJ43)
Skragg3 dashed to (AT49)
Skragg4 did 13 (claw) to B1 (dead) & 9 (bite) damage to B3 (dead)
Skragg5 did 11 (claw) & 13 (bite) damage to Oogabooga
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GM: Encounter: Imani's Agents & Oggsbruff vs Old Icy Death in his Lair on Oyaviggaton

((BGs)IcyDeath (BB54); Sk2 (AJ43); Sk3 (AU48); Sk4 (AG41); Sk5 (BB40)
(PCs)Alhana (AT50); Kalorn (AR55); Lorenn (AQ58); Mord (BB63); Primus (AO50); Sesto (AM55)
(NPCs)Oggsbruff (Dead); Loklafd (AN52); Ooga (BD41); Oodna (BD39); MordTroll (BW46); Berserkers) (Gone);
(Spells) Sesto's Mace (AN54); Lorenn's Flaming Sphere (AS42); Primus Psychic Eye (AP50)
Visibility (Dark & Foggy) Darkvision 60'=40' (120'=80'), Light (Sesto & Loklafd) 30'ra (15/15).
Terrain Difficult (Everywhere) (Crampons/Claws ignore) (Slide w/ dc11 Acrobatics).
Elevation 8' per colour (darker at bottom) (Down = 15' move; Up = 15' & dc15 Athletics)
(See OOC post#1034 for details)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Alhana AC17 HP 31/68 HD 8/8 PP14* 2W 0/1 AA 1/2
Kalorn AC16(21)* HP 1?/63 THP 0/15 HD 8/8 PP15 WSS 0/2 EKSS 2/2
Lorenn AC17(20) HP 12?/54 HD 8/8 PP14* SS 2/4 1/3 3/3 Song 1/2 (Mirror)
Mord AC14 HP 45/51 HD 8/8 PP11* SS 1/2
Primus AC12(16) HP 35/59 HD 8/8 PP19 Psi(6) 13/44
Sesto AC18* HP 19?/59 HD 8/8 PP15 SS 4/4 2/3 1/3 1/2 CD 1/2 (Light)
Loklafd AC14 HP 5?/58 HD 9/9 PP12
Mordtroll1 AC12 HP 18/39 PP9*
Oggsbruff AC17 HP 0/105 PP13* (Dead)
Oogabooga AC16 HP 70/84 PP12*
Oodnadatta AC16 HP 84/84 PP12* (Not Slowed)
Berserker1 AC13 HP 0/67 (Dead)
Berserker3 AC13 HP 0/67 (Dead)
Name * Damage Taken * (Notes)
Old Icy Death 149;
Skragg1 86 (Dead); Sk2 80; Sk3 68; Sk4 9; Sk5 77; Sk6 82 (Dead);
End Round Ten; Begin Round Eleven

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