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    Have Amazon and get free lightbox which is a lame NZ service. Gonna dump ISPs and get free Amazon for a year.

    Probably won't subscribe to anything more maybe Disney at a longshot if it's cheap or The Mandalorian is good.

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    Coming back to this thread, I now find it is getting more difficult to get most of what I want from one or two streaming services. Properties are getting fragmented. I'm finding that I will subscribe for one service long enough to view the content I'm interested in and then cancel. I'm also finding that with one of my kids moving into middle school that this is impacting which services have higher demand in our household.

    Amazon Prime remains the bedrock of my streaming and has been since I moved back to the USA about 10 years ago (when I lived in Taiwan about the only way I could legally get the material that I wanted was buying the series on iTunes about a year after they were current).

    I've been paying for HBO Now, but after the last season of Game of Thrones, I'll likely cancel it until there is another series to draw me back. The movie selection isn't compelling and I've seen all the HBO series I'm interested in (other than final season of GoT).

    I share a Netflix subscription with my sister and parents (subscription allowing three devices to be connected simultaneously). I've pretty much watched the Netflix originals I was most interested in but not my son is watching a lot of Netflix content. In terms of movie selection it rounds out Amazon Prime nicely, but even both together will not have certain movies I'm interested in.

    Occasionally, for specific shows, I will use the ABC (for American Idol) and The CW (for Fool Us) apps, but I don't pay for them. I just deal with the ads and the fact that I have to get access to new episodes a week late.

    I recently cancelled my YouTube premium account and currently have no paid-for music service. If I feel the need for it, I'll go back to Apple Music. I had switched to YouTube so that I could listen to videos in the background on my phone and because it came with video as well as music, but over time I came to feel that it was not worth USD 10 a month. For now I'll live with Amazon Music, which I get with Prime and works with Alexa (we have multiple Alexa devices in our home - a Fire TV, an Amazon Spot, and Amazon Echos).

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    Well looks like everything netflix is getting ready to lose will just come back in a few years

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    Quote Originally Posted by trappedslider View Post
    Well looks like everything netflix is getting ready to lose will just come back in a few years
    Huh. Weird deal covering 2 years of content releases. But 6 1/2 - 7 years is along time to wait for a handful of Disney stuff to shift back.

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