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    4E [Adventure]The Eye of the Tiger(Judge: ???)

    The party: Tondrek: Half-orc Artificer Rohna: Goliath Fighter Roswyn d'Sivis: Gnome Wizard Shava d'Lyrandar: Half-elf Sorceress Theren d'Lyrandar: Half-elf Warden Venakhad: Kalashtar Cleric Is it just a coincidence that gnomes attacked the party, or is The Trust after Roswyn? A...
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    4E [Tavern] Tower's Shard 2010

    The Tower's Shard In Clifftop, a few blocks from the famous Clifftop Adventurer's guild, lies a popular spot called The Tower's Shard. The common street wisdom is that the Tower's Shard is a brewery and inn whose owner was a rich adventurer who died in the Last War and left the establishment to...
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    [Adventure] Dirty Money: (The Final Encounter; Rohna, Tondrek up)[Judge: THB]

    Upon exiting the tavern, and mounting up if needed the group makes their way through the streets of Sharn. After a brief stop at a Sivis message station for Roswyn, the group heads out again. If you feel like rp out your station stop, go ahead, take the reins. The Upper Dura district is...
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    Proposal: Divine power

    Well, DP has been added to the character builder. Discuss here. Domain selection should be at the forefront of the discussion I would think. So here is what I came up with: Arawai: Wilderness, Creation, Life Aureon: Arcana, Knowledge, Balinor: Earth, Wilderness, Vengeance Boldrei...
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    The LEB Upcoming Adventures Thread

    It's about time we started one of these. Technically, two adventures are approved. I am DMing one of them. My adventure is for 5 4th level characters and involves a Sharn crime syndicate that has gained new power. The main reason we haven't started is because of a lack of approved characters...
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    Evo's on Vacation

    I'll going out of state for a relative's wedding(PA). I'll be back Monday or Tuesday to post. NPC me as needed.
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    4E Re-Recruiting 1 player: Eberron Lost 4E Style

    I am seeking to find a fifth player in my Lost 4E Eberron game. See my sig for IC and RG threads. The PCs appeared on a beach, apparently from different time periods. They do not know where they are and they seek answers. They are currently going after an NPC which was captured by...
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    4E Lost 4E Style: Kinslayer--Round 6: All PCs up!

    As the lost gather their breath outside the goblin cave, they talk amongst themselves. Night has descended on the jungle. Shadows cling to the wet jungle trees around them. Heat lightning flashes in the clouds overhead. The jungle is mostly quiet, too quiet. A swarm of fruit eating bats flies...
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    Level 21 Builds IP

    Svran I will show you the glory of my homeland as it once was Male Dragonborn Thaneborn Barbarian/Kensai/Punisher of the Gods 21 Initiative +10; Senses Passive Insight 21, Passive Perception 26 HP 149; Bloodied 74; Healing Surge 39; Surges Per Day 10 AC 35; Fort 34, Ref 26, Will 33 Saves...
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    4E Lost Eberron 4E Style: Combat over, Level up!

    Hesh and Thormir Hesh leaps into the air, looking to the sky as he jumps, victory within his grasp. A single spark shows in the air above him, and then a flash of lightning brightens his vision, blinking as he stumbles in unfamiliar terrain. Hesh appears to be on the beach, the sweltering...
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    4E Lost-Eberron-4E Style(recruiting closed)OOC

    Just a couple of notes. Go ahead and roll most things yourself, using IC. I'll just roll the initial initiative roll. I'll be rolling real dice, so you won't see any links from me. Also come up with a brief combat stat block for us to reference. Include things like Hp, healing surges...
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    Lost-Eberron-4E RG

    Post your characters below. Here is the cast: Stonegod: Hesh Sul'tashk, Hobgoblin Bravelord, Ancient past GaryH: Warforged Great Weapon fighter, ancient background Oni: Lorn Spellwright, Human Staff Wizard, Cyre survivor Redclaw: Stellan Scarhide, Longtooth shifter Warden, Last War Vet...
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    4E Lost-Eberron-4E Style

    You were there, fighting for your life against insurmountable odds. Or maybe you were deep in prayer, in the quiet confines of your patron’s temple. Or could it be you were simply daydreaming doing your daily routine? One second you were there, now you are here. A long white sand beach stretches...
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    4E Attention Graf: L4E questions

    Graf, From what I've seen you are one of the people closely involved in L4E. I would like to commit myself to more a position in what is going on in getting this going. Can you give me the basics of it(I've yet to start a living game yet), and where things are going? Maybe a FAQ would be a...
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    EvolutionKB is getting married!

    I'm getting married this weekend, which may account for my lack of regular posting for the last month or so(crunch time per say). For our honeymoon we will be visiting the land with an enchanted castle in which a pair of six-foot tall mice live. I'm not bringing my laptop or anything, so I...