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    Looking for item creation rules

    I am looking for something to put in a specific location -- in this case a cave with connections to the elemental plane of earth -- where characters can create their own item by investing their own XP, gold and time. This would be a one time thing, where a PC could enchant a new item or upgrade...
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    Bo9S - Initiator Level of multi class character

    I just want to make sure I have this right: A Ftr2/Crusader 8 counts as a Crusader 9 for Initiator level, specifically for purposes of determining the highest level maneuvers he can learn, right? I am looking at the bottom of the first column, page 39, and the top of the second column, same...
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    Dual-wielding two big swords

    I am trying to model a figure from a miniatures game (specifically, the Exemplar Seneschal from Privateer Press' Warmachine, seen here: http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/gallery/default.php?level=picture&id=189). I believe the two swords he wields are bastard swords. It has been a while...
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    Gary Gygax, World Dictator?

    According to Charles Stross, author, programmer and gamer extraordinaire, anyway: http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2006/07/gary_gygax_world_dictator.html Jason
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    Cleric of Wee Jas - View of Undead?

    Does anyone know anything about the "official" word of how clerics of Wee Jas view undead? As a LN god of death and magic, it seems like there are a number of ways it could go. Thanks, Jason
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    Complete Divine - turn undead feats

    Can someone give me a brief rundown of the feats in Complete Divine that allow a cleric to trade a turn attempt in for something else? Thanks, Jason
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    Looking for a character

    I am going to be playing in an every-once-in-a-while game using the Shackled City Adventure Path. The group has decided to all start as clerics or paladins of various PHB/Complete Divine gods. The GM has us starting at 1st level, and, if we choose to play a paladin, we get a free feat that...
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    Starting an Eberron Campaign - The Forgotten Forge

    I am starting an Eberron campaign tomorrow, and plan to run The Forgotten Forge. The PCs are: * A human cleric of the Silver Flame who's father is a high ranking priest within the church. Out to explore the world and bring flame and righteousness to wrongdoers. (NG) * A Warforged fighter...
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    Eberron/Sharn Primer?

    Has anyone developed a primer for players (or even for GMs) about Eberron and/or Sharn? I am looking for something to use with an upcoming game set in Eberron and starting in Sharn. I have both the ECS and the Sharn book, and will likely be getting Races of Eberron soon. Thanks, Jason
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    Feign Death spell?

    Does this spell exist anywhere for 3/3.5E? I am going to be running the Keep on the Borderlands as a 3.5E game, and this spell appears. If not, does anyone have a suggestion for a conversion? Thanks, Jason
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    Stupid question: a 7th level PC gets ? gold?

    I'm not near ANY of my normal reference material... What does a 7th level PC get in terms of gear? Thanks, Jason
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    Live in S. California? Question for you...

    My wife is working on something for school dealing with the supermarket strikes in Southern California last year, specifically the VONS/Safeway chains. If you live in an area that had a strike, VONS or otherwise, please reply. I have one or two questions I'd like to ask... Thanks, Jason
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    Sharn: How is it?

    I paged through Sharn: City of Towers at the book store, and it looked pretty cool. But I'd like a reccomendation from someone who's read it in a bit more depth than that. Is it useful to those of us not playing an Eberron camapign? Thanks, Jason
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    Suggestions for running an investigative-type game?

    I am planning on starting an Iron Kingdoms game in the near future. Usually, my games tend to be combat-heavy. But this time, I would like to gear the campaign toward more investigation and problem solving challenges. Does anyone have suggestions for this? Anything from "this book has...
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    FLGS in St Louis

    I'll be in St Louis Monday and Tuesday for business. Anyone have suggestions for a friendly local gaming store? Thanks, Jason