5E 2020 Release Speculation Thread


I crit!
As far as what’s coming, WotC watches sales on DMsGuild. So one way to influence WotC is buy stuff there. For instance they plan on supporting Eberron with adventures on the DMsGuild. Want more settings or more Eberron? Buy them.


My 2020 release predictions:
  1. WotC will release items that I want and I will buy (or have given to me as gifts).
  2. WotC will release items that I would buy if $ resources were not limited.
  3. WotC will release items that I have no interest in and will not purchase.


I expect to see the following books in the next year or two, but in no particular order.

1. Remake of old Adventures compendium: Greyhawk, Planes, or based in less common regions.
2. DM side book: Mass warfare, vehicles, stronghold building, monsters, more Planes info.
3. Player Side Book: I think this one is going to be a compendium of other Forgotten Realms regions much like SCAG, with subclasses. It could be a Planes book, but I think it might be Kara-tur and Zakhara.
4. Adventure Book: Based on the new subclasses and what hasn't been covered in an adventure yet... I think its going to be a Great Old One style adventure in the Sea of Fallen Stars region. Im also seeing more Feywild stuff lately, so maybe Star Elves of Aglarond and the Abolethic Sovereignty?


Well, first, I expect any predictions I make to be wrong. So instead, here's what I want/would like:
  • Psionics
  • A Xanathar's 2, obviously not called that, but another major expansion of player material.
  • An adventure set in Eberron. Possibly reprint the series of 3.5 adventures, but ideally new material
  • More setting support. Dark Sun, another MTG world, etc.
  • Higher tier support. Maybe an adventure that gets up to higher levels