D&D (2024) 2024 Player's Handbook reveal: "New Cleric"


Does the life clerics new "harm" spells only work on undead or do they work on everyone?
All clerics get a 'heal or harm' channel divinity. Presumably it's Necrotic damage.

Some monsters will take damage from heal spells.

Nothing specific about the life cleric, except they are better at it.

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Yeah. I'll be keeping the old version. "Cast another cleric spell you could already cast" doesn't seem very much like a divine intervention miracle to me.
*that doesn't need to be prepared.
*and doesn't take an costly component.
*and doesn't need to be an action to cast.

1/day raise dead isn't exactly a bad feature.


Were people really having that hard a time with base 5E? Was this AD&D difficult and I just didn't notice?
Well, yes. Everyone who pays attention to spell mechanics knows which ones are worth choosing, and which ones arent. That means there are less real choices at each level, less real thematic options, less real roleplay possibilities.

Bringing all the subpar spells upto par makes the game better − narratively.

It's not a bad class feature. It just doesn't scream divine intervention to me. If a god is going to intervene, that god isn't going to be limited to spells or 5th level.
Bringing someone back from the dead, even if it's just revivify, still screams divine intervention to me.

Bringing back the dead has become somewhat trivialized in the game. Doing this helps bring back some of its wonder and awe.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
As an approach it makes sense. There will be less kicking and screaming if they bring the weak stuff from 2014 up to the baseline established by the stronger stuff. They still have made some nerfs, like the Paladin's smite or stunning Strike.
Not that it completely stops the wailing and gnashing of teeth, just look at the ranger thread.
Problems people have with the ranger go beyond power.

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