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5E 5E Beast Companions

So I'm aware of the troubles the default PHB Ranger has, especially with Beast Master's companion, and how the Revised Ranger and the Beast Conclave are way better.(Revised is being used at my table as the Ranger default.)

My question now is this though: now that the awesome new UA Class Feature Variants playtest rules are out, WHICH Beast Companion "mechanic" is better: Revised Ranger or UA Class Variant? I want to use WHICHEVER one is ultimately better/best for Beast Companions, of any kind, in my games. Including the Battlesmith's mecha animal too.

My feeling towards a character and their Beast Companion is that if they are really bonded and together, than yes, a Beast Master and their Beast Companion SHOULD be a badass tag-team in battle.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
They’re both very good, but I think the revised BM ends up a bit ahead in terms of the beast itself. A revised BM wolf’s attack deals more damage, has knockdown (albeit at a lower DC), and has Pack Tactics.

OTOH, PHB with the Earth Beast and other enhancements will have Revivify, more spells in general, Hunters Mark without concentration or spending a slot, etc.


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
I think we've tackled this in the other thread that @Weiley31 started on the same topic today.


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