5E: Converting Monsters from White Dwarf Magazine for Fifth Edition


ok, dumb question - why does the snake constrict anyone if it can't do anything at all? Should it be able to bite at least?

It can still make melee attacks against the creature it's grappling, so it can bite and stab the restrained victim however it likes. With advantage on the attack rolls as the target is grappled.

This should be clearer:

Tail (Snake or Hybrid Form Only) #3. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d8 + 1) bludgeoning damage. If the weresnake chooses, the target is grappled (escape DC 13) and restrained until the grapple ends. Until this grapple ends, the weresnake can't use its blowgun and its melee attacks can only target the grappled creature.​

Better update the Weresnake Working Draft while I'm at it.

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I was thinking it can simultaneously bite and tail in snake form, making it nastier than a regular constrictor.

The Werebear seems a better model for that than a Wererat, which only gets a single attack in animal form.

To avoid further confusion, I'll better spell out all the options…

Multiattack. The weresnake makes two attacks. In snake form, it makes one bite attack and one tail attack. In humanoid form, it makes two scimitar attacks or has one blowgun attack and one scimitar attack. In hybrid form, the weresnake's first attack is with its bite, blowgun or scimitar, and its second attack is with its tail or scimitar.​

That ought to do.

Casimir Liber

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