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5e Tomb of Annihilation - OCC

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Still here in Session 0 so I'll talk optional rules for a bit:

I like using the following rules in games:
  • Climb onto a bigger creature
  • Disarm
  • Mark
  • Overrun
  • Shove Aside
  • Tumble
  • Cleaving through Creatures
  • Massive Damage
  • Flanking

Let me know your take on these rules for pbp. Also when your characters are ready please post them in the RG I am on the edge of my seat waiting to work on backstories.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
I'm taking 31 point buy - I hope we will not need anything that cannot be blasted :D

I'm familiar with the rules mentioned above in pathfinder...but how do you do them in 5e?

So the party so far is as follows:

Steve Gorak -- high elf cleric
VLAD the Destroyer -- human ranger
Leatherhead -- tiefling paladin
KahlessNestor -- human rogue
Neurotic -- aasimar warlock
@mikeawmids1 -- unknown (I will keep this slot available until WED nite)

Also I will use anyone's post in the RG as they are ready to have their characters looked over, as we still iron out backgrounds here in the new OCC.
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And backstory:

It seems everyone but Amitiel (the aasimar warlock) came over on the same ship. So you can talk it over here any interactions your characters might have had. So each character was summoned to Baldur's Gate by what is becoming known as The Sword Coast Council. This group is made up of representatives from almost every group/city in the region. The Death Curse has worried enough powerful people to get them to work together to stop it.

At this meeting your given little information other than the wasting away nature of the disease and its vague location somewhere in Chult. After being offered - entered what would motivate your character here - the party was sent by ship to Port Nyanzaru (also minus Amitiel who arrives another way).

You all have been in PN for a couple of days before a missive to meet your contact in the city arrives. Let me know what your character would like to do in those few days (I'll detail everything here).

So I'm thinking the opening post will be about the city and the introduction of your characters to what may become the groups Patron in Chult. You'll get to ask them any of the questions I know are running through everyone's head, and we will all get to RP.

Glad to see our first character in the RG and going over the sheet I only have issue with her current cash (which I think is 1sp). Her background gives her 15 and the character gene gives her an extra 10, so looking where she spent gold - healer's kit, map case, bolts etc. I don't see where she spent 24gp and 9 sp.

Also excited to see her connection to the underdark. Was she captured by drow/derro or raised to be a spy for them?

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