5e Tomb of Annihilation - OCC

I like concept A as well but I love me a potential Meatshield.

I was posting up the RG and thought about putting it in there for easy finding. Seems just 5 character posts is a waste of a thread. But thank you for the suggestions.

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Okay. I put together a human rogue with Dungeon Delver feat. But I can rework it if Leatherhead decides to go with his rogue idea instead of his paladin idea.


Lizzy Hale, VHuman Thief, Dungeon Delver
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Steve Gorak

So from what I have seen in other threads is the following: please correct any mistakes.

1) I need to make an RG thread (here in the Talking the Talk area); so players can post up their character concepts and have a place to edit/lvl up their characters.
2) Next I'll need to make a Story or IC (In Character) thread over in Playing the Game; this is where the characters will meet and most of the gaming will take place. Note: I am nowhere near ready for this, maybe around this time next week or by the 1st.
3)After that this thread will become the OOC (Out Of Character) thread for our game.

Did I get all that correct I think that is how it works, I must have lurked around here for two weeks before my first post, trying to learn the ropes.

So my question is this? Where do you put the world info?? I'm thinking the first couple levels will be spent in PN and I want to post a map with names and location for people to reference for their posts. And then there's the huge map of the isle that comes with the book.

Not sure we will do much hex crawling, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I'm having fun none the less, don't let my confusion fool you.
You got it! The world info usually goes in the RG. Please don’t forget to put links to all of these in the opening threads of all of them (you can edit posts to do so). This will make all of our lives much easier when we play.



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
World info can be in the first few IC posts describing the events and linking maps. You can have one summary post where you update the info as we go along.

Steve Gorak

Hey @FrontLine MeatShield,

a clarification question: for the standard array + 1 minor magic item(common or uncommon XGtE), I’m assuming that we have access to both the dmg magic items AND XGtE, right ( It’s not just XGtE)?
Thanks and cheers,


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