[5e_One Shot] Baptism by Fire

HP: 18/18
AC: 14 (Leather)

3/3 (1d6)
Spell Slots:
1st: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Pass Per: 13
Pass Inv: 12
Pass Ins: 11
DC: 13
Arcana: 4
Disguise :5
Minor Illusion;
Vicious Mockery
Perform: 5
Sl of Hnd: 5
Stealth: 5
Thief Tool:5
Known Spells 1st
Animal Friendship
Comprehend Languages,
Detect Magic,

"It's a bad sign, when everyone starts thinking only as individuals," he says. "It's something you learn quickly when you have as many siblings as I do," the Harengon explains. "This is a sign of mistrust, and you will end up costing everyone more."

He looks at the child, and knows he is simply acting as a child will. The dwarf should know better. "If this is the way you want it, fine. Give me my portion, and it will be done. Unless you are wiling to work together, we shall not recover this boy successfully."
"Oh," says Fern, a bit confused. He follows after the Harengon "Corporal Darrock, Corporal Darrock, wait! Would you prefer we just keep it all in the box? We can keep it all there - it's for expenses, after all, and we can vote on what we need to pay for. You can be the treasurer if you want ... but I'd personally vote Amil as treasurer. I'd trust him with anything! But if you want to do it, I won't complain! I just thought that a potion of healing is useless in a box because in case someone gets hurt."

He holds his book up in the air as he runs behind Darrock,

"Our contract, according to the minutes...which I have here," he frantically points at his book, "didn't stipulate who got which items. That's why we came to ask you but....Mardoc was worried that someone would see all the money" he winces, "I mean, see all the money - and take it. That was kind of my fault, so we ... we divided it before anyone could see...please don't be mad!"

Fern doesn't really need the candle. Other than the dwarf, I'm not sure who else can see in the dark but if we light a candle, any enemy will see it so I'm not sure it matters who has it. Maybe @Neurotic 's character can have it. I have plenty already. The amulet is useful for anyone who has it but I don't really see fern making lots of attacks. It'll be mostly saving throws so it will be way less useful for him.
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Mardoc was often terrible at making himself understood in social situations, but he was much better at observing when others where doing the same. He saw that they had harmed the harengon's sense of trust, and he quickly added to Fern's explanation, "You have oor reasoning for splittin' the coin all wrong, Darrock. 'Tis to nae leave the 'eggs in one basket', nae as any slight to you as oor porter. Nor was it meant t'keep us apart; but instead meant t'share the load. We didnae ken we'd be stepping on yoor toes."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Darrock shrugs. "I've got it wrong. That's fine. The money is divided, and it can stay so."

He looks down at his oversized feet, which are never comfortable in boots in any case, but decides that Mardoc does not intend another sleight.

"Take whatever you wish to carry. Use them as you see best. I have no desire to assume responsibilities before one of you, and certainly not to be your accountant. We have too far to go to worry about that now."

He looks at Fern. "You are right, nothing was stipulated. Take the scrolls now if they mean something to you. We will each carry our load."


Mardoc nodded. He wasn't sure if Darrock had been mollified or if he was just trying to drop the issue. Either way, Mardoc knew that discussing it any further would just create room for more misunderstandings. He left the subject alone as the Firetrees came into view as the riverboat rounded a bend.

"There's a sight to behold t'be sure." he said to Darrock, trying to make small talk.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"We are still getting to know each other." Amil comes to the group, finally getting up from his books. "Corporal, with no pun intended, don't jump to conclusions as to motivation of the people in the group as we are all individuals with our own experiences. We are not soldiers and you, with your background, might find less regulated group somewhat undisciplined." He looks at Fern then.
"You are the youngest here and may gods give you time to learn not to act upon each and every impulse that crosses your mind. Think it through, talk it through, before acting. In a fight, there may not be time for that, but here...discussion could have prevented this...misunderstanding. This is all it is. No mistrust is implied, corporal, and please everyone, don't start isolating yourself on account of real or perceived slights. We have enough problems without that. Those sailors saw us divide the content of the chest. I would advise we keep together because once they have a drink or two and spend their money, they will remember this and there won't be a captain to hold them in check."
Mardoc gets his own advice
"Even if you think you'll hurt someone, truth is better than things being unsaid. It might have consequences more serious than hurt feelings."
Finally for himself
"I know much, and I know very little. First is academic knowledge, the other of the real world. I tend to ramble on..." he smiles motioning at himself right now "...as you can see. Feel free to stop me if I get to irrelevant details. What I wanter to say is, we are here for a good cause. It is worth some adjustment of our personal ways to work better as a group."

He takes the money and whatever is left from the items in the chest. Then he loads the chest with the content of his duffel bag. "This is better for the books. And may even surprise would be thieves if they think heavy chest holds the treasure."

Raising his voice just very slightly so nearest sailors can hear
"Now, take only as much money as you need and return the rest to the chest where it is safer."
While whispering "This is only for interested ears. Don't really return the money."

OOC: @Helmsman01 Deception +3 if it becomes relevant, feel free to roll as needed

Aridrish raises his hands and attempts to look as nonthreatening as possible.

"Peace of the mountain with you as well."

Aridrish glances between the older knight and the youth. The second knights demeanor was understandable given the history between their people. Aridrish ignores it and focuses on the older knight.

"I mean no harm, the people of Fort Silan know me. I live in these mountains and sometime get hired as a guide and escort. I heard of the attacked patrol. I felt that it was my duty to lend my assistance."

The dragonborn looks to the other knight.

"My camp is in the foothills north of here. I was on my way there when I decided to help. I apologize for startling you. It was not my intent."


The older knight seems to ponder the barbarians words a moment. "Yes I have heard of you. They say you are honorable and trustworthy. My name is Captain Torngrim, and this is Squire Olms." he says with a half bow from the saddle. "Your knowledge of the area would be of great value. But first we must escort some much needed supplies back to Fort Silan. Once we get back to the fort, I hope to send out a search party."

Squire Olms looks sheepish as he accepts your apology and his superior's decision.

"Join us now, all help is welcome."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Amil gives one potion to Darrock and Mardoc. "These healing potions are my creations, I'll have two of these most of the days. They will lose potency at dawn tomorrow. So, spend them in preference to permanent ones we got from the chest."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"We are still getting to know each other." Amil comes to the group, finally getting up from his books. "Corporal, with no pun intended, don't jump to conclusions as to motivation of the people in the group as we are all individuals with our own experiences. We are not soldiers and you, with your background, might find less regulated group somewhat undisciplined."
Darrock grunts when Amil addresses him, and shrugs again.

Later, when the others are not about, he will say, "Anyone could have asked for the chest. As it was, I took the chest when we were all together, and others found it and began dividing it up when we weren't. You wouldn't appreciate anyone going through things you were carrying. Or so I suppose. Regardless, it's done, and the money is divided. And we become individuals with a common purpose, but not a group working together."

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