Spelljammer A Look At The Upcoming Spelljammer Boxed Set

Preview images of the upcoming Spelljammer boxed set have been appearing on sites across the web, so I've gathered some of them together here. These also include the hobby store 'special edition' with Hydro74 art.




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Micah Sweet

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I just started reading the new re-launch of the Amazing Spider-Man about a month and half ago, let me tell you, you aren't missing much. I haven't read them regularly since the late 80s/early 90s but will read them for a bit every 5-10 years for a few months. For at least the first 6 issues the writing is just plain bad, and issue 900 was $9.99, I remember when comics were $0.25. I'll pick up the next few issues and see if the story picks up but I'm bailing if it doesn't.
I'm right there with you. My regular reading era is the same as yours.


So, my only question would be; can you bypass the silvery curtain at the edge of Realmspace, travel through open wildspace, and end up in Grayspace?

You couldn't do that in OG Spelljammer either. Wildspace stops at the boundary with the Flow outside. The difference now is that the thing outside is the Astral Sea.


Not a bad price compared to Amazon. I pre-ordered it a while back and as of now its $45.66 USD. There's one game store a few blocks away from my house but the couple of times I went there they were snobby and seemed like they couldn't be bothered. My neighbor said the same thing when we talked about possibly getting a game together or joining one there. Seems odd to me as you'd think they'd do all they could to get and keep new customers. It's just easier for me to order online.
It was 40 three days ago.


I wonder why the Deathspider was renamed to the Nightspider. The Nightspider was a smaller personal ship.
Yeah, just like how they, for some reason, changed the Elven Man-O War to Star Moth. (as the Minature is listed with such a name.) Granted, Star Moth could be the name of a "unique" Elven Man-O War that appears in the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space adventure, but so far, I can't think of any stupid, dumb reason that would have them change a phrase used to describe powerful frigates/battle ships.
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