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Acquana's Art Thread -- Closed, New Thread Started

Jess, I actually do suggest you start a new thread so people showing up for the first time will know what's up now, instead of what was up in March. Imagine how cool it'd be to just have a single post with every pic so far.

Glad to see you're updating.

Hey, folks who are fans of Piratecat's storyhour, I think his whole "a post for a pic" deal is still going. Why not feed your addiction while helping out a struggling artist?

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First Post
Yeah I am with RW and the Jdvn-clones...that way people don't think they are getting one thing and are sadly disappointed to be getting something completely else. I however and REALLY excited, I love any of your work, it's wonderful. If I knew how to post something on here I would upload my pencil weretiger just to show you my style, but alas I am a dunce... :( However please keep it coming!


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Dire Lemming said:
Wow, I almost forgot this was an art thread, with all the story going on in that last post it seemed like the artwork was merely there to emphasize the words. Well, kind of like a book, or at least a magazine. I don't know if that helps the art or hinders it, or whether it even affects it at all, but it's still great, and that was a very interesting post either way. Great characters.
I sometimes forget that most artists don't go into depth with their art. Or at least not in the same way that a sequential artist will when given the chance. -_-;; What can I say? Even most of the life drawing I'd do would have something else to it besides the technical work. And that's the way I like it, really. ^_^

mandyscog said:
what happened with the lightsabre and the dragon? did he make the roll?
Oh yeah, he hit. But the party was actually pretty outmatched in that fight. They were fighting a pretty old dragon. I'm gonna have to draw his human form, because OH the PCs hated that man so much. *evil grin* I love making truly evil villians. It's so much fun ...

And well ... Looks like the call for a new thread has been put out. I suppose with two seconds I can't very well ignore it. So I'll work on that as soon as I have the time for 8 months of cut and paste. -_-;;


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Real quick update, and then I begin loading up a new thread.

This is Unagi the Mystic, another NPC from the Mutants and Masterminds game. Wellstar insists there's something rather inhuman under all those robes. So long as whatever it is is nothing like Walker, then I don't think either myself or Dozer will mind too much.



First Post

I just stumbled upon your thread and i have loved everything that i have seen so far. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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