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Acquisitions Inc Book Art From Aviv Or

The official Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual D&D book has snuck up on us, and is releasing in the next week or so. Artist Aviv Or has shown off some of the artwork she did for the book on Twitter.


"I started with designing [Acquisitions Inc] Positions - a character's role in the company on top of their standard D&D class - as iconic characters. Like the Cartographer, who's about discovering places and getting there; and the Decisionist, who brings decisive leadership to the franchise."


"I got a clear brief for each Position's trappings, but other than that I was free to pick whatever race/class/features I wanted, which was AWESOME. I used [this site; NSFW site] for quick inspiration; for example this Loremonger's starting point was "Compassionate Gnome Druid"


"[Penny Arcade] encouraged me to play with diverse races, genders, shapes and colours - always a great instruction in a brief, and one I was happy to follow. A couple of my favourites are the Documancer (who started as "NB Headstrong Genasi Bard") and the Obviator ("F Selfish Dwarf Wizard")"

Aviv will be sharing more art from the book over the coming days on Twitter, so check out that thread!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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