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[Adventure!] Daunton's Dead Past DM: FourMonos. Judge: Peer Committee


First Post
ADVENTURE! Daunton's Dead Past

1. Illarion Meriele, level 8 Sorcerer, Neurotic
2. Mikara Li Mesadh, level 7 Ranger, H.M.Gimlord
3. Drew Lucan, level 8 Monk, Metavoid.
4. Lilli, level 9 Wizard, Neil1889
5. Lerrick, level 8 cleric, dimsdale
6. Raiyek Meliam, level 11 Paladin, Lord Sessadore
7. Vermitrax, level 9 Necromancer, Voda Vosa
8. Fhangrim, level 8 Sentinel, Son of Meepo

[sblock=(I totally stole this) Expectations and Rules Recap]


Keep your Player Info Up to Date: Include mini stat blocks in your posts. Mini-stat blocks allow you to keep track of your own healing surges, power usages, acquired items, etc... without having to ask the DM all the time. It's not the end of the world if you forget, but please be sure to include it when you are posting an action block. It also make it easier for me to check basic stats.

Example mini-stats:
Triggers: Fox's Cunning Trigger - Immediate Reaction to the First Enemy that attacks me in melee
Status: Bloodied
Init: +5 Speed: 5 Perception:22 Insight: 20
AC: 21 F/R/W:17/18/22
HP: 30/61 Surges: 4/8 Surge Value: 15 AP: 1
Languages: Allarian, Imperia, Draconic
Str:8 Dex:14 Wis:14 Con:14 Int:10 Cha:22

At Will - Jinx Shot, Cutting Words
Encounter - Second Wind, Fox's Cunning, Twin Strike, Grappling Spirits, Hunter's Quarry, Majestic Word (0/2), Words of Friendship, Chord of Dissonance, Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade, Virtue of Prescience
Daily - Arrow of Ill Omen, Arrow of Warning, Bracers of Archery, Inevitable Shot, Songbow of Vanishment, Warding Arrow

Full Character Sheet

Passive checks: I will use Perception and Insight and put information in private sblocks for certain players. If you are not one of the intended characters, please do not read these spoilers. The character, however, is welcome to, in character, reveal the contents of the spoiler to the others in game, remember that talking is a free action (but keep in short)


Players roll initiative individually, bad guys roll one initiative roll
Players with higher init than bad guys go first then all the bad guys go
Then all the players go. From this point, we alternate players vs bad guys
Good guy turns happen in first post - first acted order.
Illegal post-overs will be resolved in that round
Legal post-overs stand even if each didn't know the other was posting (Please use Go Advanced or Preview Post to avoid this)

*I like KD's idea that players knocked unconscious will have some impact on their turn. Anyone knocked unconscious effectively goes first in the round (meaning rolling death saves, ect). Which means even if healed, you will be missing a round of action.

DM Posts during combat will include:

1. Status of all players, monsters, NPCs etc... indicating Name, Location, HP/MaxHP, State, Healing Surges Left, Action Points left (i.e.:: Arkavas I6 -1/41 Dying HS 0 AP 1).

2. Map in the form of a grid with coordinates
**I'll be using Google Maps, so if you don't have an account, get one. They are free**
Google maps allows everyone to adjust their location on their turn and the power effects. If you have a power that moves, shifts of pushes, make sure you document all those effects in your post. I do not want to have people or monsters magically change without explanations.

3. Enemy Mini Stat Blocks including: Damage taken, bloodied status, aura, effects, status effects and MBA. I like the format where monster defenses are revealed after you target/hit them, so we'll try that first. If you provoke an AoO or a listed power during your turn you can roll the result (it will make less work for the DM and give you a rapid response)

Time: I will try to give players 48 hours to post, at the end of which time I reserve the right to RP the player's character on his behalf. I will use the most appropriate actions and At-Will powers only. I understand life happens and gaming shouldn't be anyone's only priority. Just understand that in the interest of everyone's enjoyment, your character will be moved forward to be in everyone's best interest if time lags too much. All we have is time...

Exceptions: If you will be out for a long time and unable to post, please let the party know and assign responsibility to either myself or another, willing player for RPing your character, or I can write in a scenario that takes you out of the picture until your return (The former is preferred).

Treasure: Keep a wish list on your character sheet up to date with what you would like, and I’ll try to accommodate within reason. Items will be given relative to player level. Parcel Gold/Items will be evenly divided at the end. If I do that. I mean, this is kind of a one time adventure.... Maybe!

Die Rolling: Roll your dice on Invisible Castle. If invisible castle is down, you can also use the Enworld Dice roller (but please select the SMALLER results in your profile) In IC, highlight the die roll in your post and use the 'Insert Link' button to post a link to your die rolls. I haven't checked IC yet to see if it still works!

Out of Character Content: Post out of character content (i.e.: complaints, tactics, mechanics, etc...) in a spoiler with the letters 'OOC' in the title or the OOC tag. I prefer as much discussion and conversation to occur in character with possible questions to the DM in ooc format. In addition, I will place an OOC thread so we can talk about stuff "ooc".

And so it begins...

It is strange that these brave adventurers find themselves in something of a ghost town. A place that was once thriving with people, trade and adventure. The streets are bare with no passing merchants or tradesman. The port is empty of ships. The absence of people is made even stranger by the lack of what should have followed the absence of people: the presence of raiding, destruction and crime from secondary (and dangerous) inhabitants. The abandoned town stands alone as if people just turned away and forgot it was there.
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Lord Sessadore

The change in the air is subtle, too subtle for the lay person to appreciate. But those few who find themselves again in the Hanged Man Inn are no lay folk. These few are hardened adventurers, alive because of their quickness of observation, thought and action. The shadows darkening the doorstep of the Hanged Man Inn catches their attention, and almost as one they turn their heads toward the door. Then as quick as it came, the presence left. Leaving the question hanging, what has happened here in Daunton?
After a moment has passed with everyone staring at the door, Raiyek slowly rises from his seat. "That was not just me, was it? The rest of you felt it too?" The elf turns back to face the rest of the adventurers assembled in the old tavern. "I will say what we are all thinking. What has happened here in Daunton is not natural. I believe we were all gathered here for a purpose - that so many adventurers would suddenly appear at the Hanged Man after so long a desertion is not mere coincidence." He unconsciously reaches his left hand up to touch the holy symbol hanging from his neck. "By Palladys, I would discover that purpose, and I hope also what has befallen here." Piercing green eyes scan over each face in attendance before asking one last question. "Can I count on your aid?"

[sblock=Raiyek stats]Raiyek Meliam - Male Elf Paladin/Holy Conqueror (Palladys) 11
Passive Perception: 26, Passive Insight: 26; Low-light vision
AC:30, Fort:22, Reflex:22, Will:24 -- Speed:6
HP: 98/98, Bloodied:49, Surge Value:25, Surges Left:11/11
Saves: can make save at start of turn vs. daze or stun, even if effect isn't save ends.
Action Points: 1, Second Wind
Holy Strike
Ardent Strike
Divine Challenge

Divine Pursuit
Strength from Valor
Resurgent Smite
Charge of the Conqueror
Smiting Symbol
Valiant Rush
Channel Divinity
Elven Accuracy
Oath of Enmity

Ardent Vow (4/4)
Restore Vitality
Righteous Indignation
Paladin's Judgment
Arc of Vengeance
Victorious Surge

Woundstitch Powder
Ruby Scabbard
Cloak of Resistance
Healer's Shield
Vampiric Bastard Sword
Teleporting Gith Plate

* Group Awareness: All non-elf allies within 5 squares of Raiyek gain a +1 bonus to Perception.
* Allies gain +1 to saving throws when adjacent to Raiyek.
* +2 damage vs. bloodied for all attacks.
* After spending a healing surge, +2 power bonus to first attack before end of next turn.
* When damaged by a creature marked by Raiyek, he gains 4 temp hp.


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Mikara puts a hand on Rayiek's shoulder to steady him, "It's OK. If evil things come through the door I'll make sure they don't get you."

[sblock=OOC]Wow. I've been away too long. I'm going to have to relearn bb code, invisible castle, etc... all over again![/sblock]

[sblock=Mikara Stats]
Mikara Li Mesadh - Female elf ranger (medium elfhumanoid) Level 7
Languages: Elven, Allarian

Passive Perception: 24
Vision: Low Light
Passive Insight: 16

Athletics: +9
Nature: +12
Stealth: +15

AC: 21
Fort: 15
Ref: 19
Will: 16
Speed: 7

HP: 54/54
Surge Value: 13
Surges Left: 7/7

Action Points: 1
Second Wind: 1/1

:bmelee: +6, 1d4
:branged: +12, 1d12+7
:ranged: Nimble Strike (SA) +12, 1d12+7 (Shift 1 before or after attack)
:melee: Twin Strike (SA) +6, 1d4 (2 attacks)
:ranged: Twin Strike (SA) +12 1d12+2 (2 attacks)
Agile Recovery (MA) (Stand Up)

:melee: Evasive Strike (SA) +6, 2d4+5 (Can shift up to 4 before or after attack)
:ranged: Evasive Strike (SA) +12, 2d12+7 (Can shift up to 4 before or after attack)
:melee: Cut and Run (SA) +6, 1d4 (2 Attacks, Can shift up to 4 after first or second attack)
:ranged: Cut and Run (SA) +12, 1d12+7 (2 Attacks, Can shift up to 4 after first or second attack)
:ranged: Pinning Shot (SA) +12, 1d12+7 (Hit: Target and 1 enemy adjacent to target are immobilized TEONT)
Elven Accuracy (MA) (Reroll attack roll)
Weave Through Fray (II) Can shift up to 3 when enemy moves adjacent

:melee: Hunter's Bear Trap (SA) +6, 2d4 (Hit: OG, Slowed 5 SEB, Miss: 1/2dmg, Slowed SE)
:ranged: Hunter's Bear Trap (SA) +12, 2d12+7 (Hit: OG, Slowed 5 SEB, Miss: 1/2dmg, Slowed SE)
:ranged: Close Combat Shot (IR) +12, 3d12+7 (Trigger: enemy enters adjacent square. No OA. Miss: 1/2dmg)

Daggers: 111

Targeting Greatbow +2: ((FA) On hit, Mik and allies can roll twice to hit TEONT, Crit: 2d6 & TGCA TEONT)
11111 11111 11111 11111 11111 111
Firestorm Arrows +2: 11111 11111 11111 1111 (+1d6 fire to target and adjacents)

Elixir of Dragon Breath:

Sylvan Leather Armor +1

Lucky Charm (Add d6 to appropriate d20 roll)
Restful Bedroll (1d8 thp after extended rest)
Razor Bracers (+2 to escape, grabber takes 1d10)
Stag Helm (+2 to passive perception, can take MA when surprised)
Caustic Gauntlets (Attack deals acid. Adjacents get 1d6 acid dmg, +1 acid on all attacks TEOE)
Window of Escape (No fall damage when jumping through window)

Treasure on this adventure:

[/sblock][sblock=Token Pic]917_Token_Archer01_SR_zps05ae875e.png[/sblock]
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OOC: continuing from the Tavern post:
After pausing to talk to the necromancer, young man bows formally to the elves where paladin attracts attention with his speech.

"Hello, everyone. My name is Drew Lukan. I was hoping to report orc invasion to the tavern full of adventurers. Instead we get to save Daunton from whatever happened. Count me in."

Voda Vosa

First Post

OOC: From the tavern thread:
"Well, actually..." comes from further deep into the tavern. An old dusty wooden door opens, creacking all the way. "...I've been inhabiting this place for some time now." A middle aged man comes through, red and blue robes flowing with his movements. His features are mostly obscured by the red hood he sports. He has an untidy unshaven chin, with an intelligent glittering yellow eyes that are visible under the hood, as if they emitted light on their own. "Although whatever be-felled upon this town is unknown to me, I was in the Fey realm for some time, and when I finally made my way to the material plane, Daunton was in its current state, although less decayed. I have used this time to research on the events that led to this state, I'm shuffling various theories, but I do need a field trip to gather more data." the mage says, tapping his staff on the floor.
Vermitrax clears his voice. "As I was saying, I have concluded that whatever plagued this excuse of city is still likely out there, yes? What has been keeping this place safe from prying eyes and hands greedy if not what made the townsfolk leave in the first place? It stands to reason whatever caused such mass fear, must still be working its trade in the empty streets. Worth my attention indeed, sore eyes in need of rest and a mystery in need of solving."


First Post
Heavy winds blow down the streets of Daunton, whistling and wailing through the town. Then quick as they came, the winds stop and the same heavy quiet feeling hands about the tavern.

[sblock=ooc] Just checking in, setting the mood. Poking the players. Everyone ready to start posting? Also, could everyone (ahem, VV and MV) make sure to put your stat blocks :) [/sblock]
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Voda Vosa

First Post
Whoops, sorry boss!
[sblock=Vermitrax]Initiative +4
Passive Insight 21 Passive Perception 21; Senses normal
HP 54 Bloodied 27 Surge Value 13; Surges Per-Day 9
AC 22 Fortitude 20 Reflex 22 Will 22
Resist 5 Cold 10 Force
Speed 6 Size Medium
Str 10 (+0) Dex 10 (+0) Wis 14 (+2)
Con 16 (+3) Int 21 (+5) Cha 10 (+0)

Class Features: Arcane Implement Mastery (Staff of Defense), cantrips, ritual casting, spellbook, Alchemist theme, Necromancy Expert, Illusion Expert
Basic Attack: +7 vs AC 1d8+1
Ranged Basic Attack: Magic Missile power: Deals 8 dmg at 20 squares range
Feats: Frozen Soul, Improved defeces, Dark fury, Unarmed agility, Alchemist, Legioncaller of Moil, Staff Expertise
Skills: Arcana 14, History 14, Insight 11, Perception 11, Dungeoneering 11, Nature 7, Stealth 7, Endrance 9, Athletics 6 Bluff 6
Languages Common, Draconic[/sblock]


First Post
A short female humanoid in what appears to very muddy, but possibly excellent quality clothing, begins to clear a bit of room in one corner. Her pale blonde hair is a wild tangled mass of curls and short spikes that sprout from her head in assorted directions.

A somewhat ghostly, green and bristly spider clings to her, moving around her body now and again to keep watch on those in the room with its eye clusters. It doesn't seem to bother the busy diminutive figure.

She responds to the elf in armour, "Yes, I'll be coming along Master Elf, but I'm going to divest myself of this swamp mud first, if that's alright with you. My name is Lilli and this is my companion and friend Lotte; she's a Feywild Spirit Spider, so please don't fret over her."

Lilli then begins to make preparations for a magical ritual of some sort. A vial of glistening white powder is meticulously made in to a circle over the next few minutes and when she appears satisfied, she steps inside.

She pauses for a minute, then crouches to place her hands on the floor. Muttering some words of arcane power, she then moves her hands upwards over her body, palms facing inwards towards her to bring her arms above her head. As she does so, the glistening white powder begins to rise with her, spiralling about her as she raises her arms, settling about her person. Lilli claps her hands as she completes the ritual; the soiled clothing is now noticeably much cleaner, as good as new. Her hair is much tidier, but the once carefully coiffed curls have gone, leaving instead straight spikes of assorted lengths that sprout from her head.

"There, much better. We'll also be fine if we end up in any sewers or muddy alleys for a good long while too," she says, possibly talking to the spider.

Lilli sofly touches the spikes of her hair. "Ah, well," she says ruefully,"At least the mud has gone for a while. The hair gel and curling tongues are going to have to wait until later."

OOC: Usual image is attached should you need it, though the hairstyle is different today.

Lilli cast the 'Fastidiousness' ritual, which will keep her clean of grime for 24 hours. Sadly for Lilli, her carefully managed curled hair is also stripped of her fat based hair gels, so it returns to the natural spikey look for Gnomes for a while.


Female Gnome Wizard, Level 9.
Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 20. Senses: Low-light vision.
AC: 23, Fort: 17, Reflex: 22, Will: 22.
HP: 54/54, Bloodied: 27, Surge Value: 13, Surges left: 7/7
Speed: 5 squares. Size: Small. Languages: Eladrin, Allarian, Draconic, Dwarven.
Saving Throw Bonuses: +5 Racial bonus against Illusions.
Action Points: 1
Orb of Deception
Second Wind
Use Vulnerabilty
Illusory Ambush
Nightmare Eruption
Grasping Shadows
Horrid Whispers
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
Fade Away
Maze of Mirrors
Visions of Avarice [Visions of Avarice Secondary Attack]
Skald's Aura
Emerald Eye
Phantom Foes
Symphony of the Dark Court
Orb of Far Seeing - Encounter Power
Orb of Far Seeing - Daily Power
Feyleaf Sandals - Daily Power
Amulet of Elegy +2 - Daily Power
Illusionist's Gloves - Daily Power
Harp of Deeper Slumber - Daily Power

Shimmering Cloth Armour - Lilli does not provoke opportunity attacks when she makes ranged or area attacks.

Feyleaf Sandals - If Lilli falls and is about to take a punishing amount of damage, her Feyleaf Sandals will likely save her.

Lilli is likely to use Shield first as an Interrupt versus attacks against AC and Reflex defence before resorting to using Fade Away.

Conditions: None.

[http://l4w.wikia.com/wiki/PC:Lilli_(Neil1889) Lilli's full sheet is here.]


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Voda Vosa

First Post
"Ah... the gnome." Vermitrax says without bothering in hiding his disgust. "When I left you to rot in the swamp I simply returned to the portal ruins and got it working again, harvesting the energy I needed from those hunter creatures."


Drew's lean, not especialy tall man. He has short length blond hair and bushy sideburns. His eyes are golden yellow remniscient of wolves and he walks in gliding manner of those always ready to fight. When standing still he really STANDS STILL, no small shufflings, no hand movement, nothing except his eyes moves. His torso is tattooed with a picture of gold dragon battling black, dragons covering most of his torso and moving as he moves. On careful examination one could see that some lines are not actually tattooes, but whip marks across his skin.
OOC: think of Japanese Irezumi tattoos
Gray cloak is clasped with small dragon shaped clasp and on his forehead is raised mask also in the shape of the dragon. On his belt there is ruby hilted dagger.

Stats will be a level higher I think...I'll post them after I come back from the swamp. :( Gotta go.


First Post
"Well, to be fair, that's no real surprise, you did strike me as a somewhat clever rotter," replies Lilli to Vermitrax briskly.

"Hello Drew," says Lilli to the very still tattooed man, "I'm Lilli and this is my companion Lotte. Umm, can anyone else here hear music?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Blind elf turns toward the sound of speech.

"Hello, Lilli, Lotte. The music is from some carneval in front, I believe its owner is right now at the door."
"Drew, you wouldn't be Drew Lucan from the abbey?"

"My name is Illarion Meriele." he bows slightly toward Lilli "Nice to meet you Lilli. Lotte, I apologize for asking this, but could you say something so I can remember your voice, height and right now general location?"

You see an old elf, dressed in ancient style, long ornate robes, staff with heavily decorated top, light hood under which white hair flows down on his chest. Apparently, he is blind, but self sufficient enough to move around. And given his visible equipment and reference to the abbey it seems he manages to survive adventuring life.

Illarion Meriele
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First Post
From the same location as Lilli comes a brief trilling sound as Lotte vocalises a greeting to the elf.

"Ah, Illarion, that was Lotte offering a greeting. She's a Spirit Spider, a former childhood companion and these days she helps me with my wizardry and some of my ritual castings. She usually clings on to me."

OOC: Pretty much levelled Lilli up to 9th.

Lord Sessadore

A slight frown crosses Raiyek's face as Vermitrax gives his account to Lilli, but the elf does not interject into the conversation.

Raiyek opens his mouth, about to tell Lilli he hears the music as well, when Illarion comes through the door. "A carnival? Who would bring a carnival to this desolate city?" Raiyek muses to himself quietly.

"Greetings, Illarion Meriele. I am Raiyek Meliam, paladin of Palladys. What brings yet another adventurer to the Hanged Man this day?"


Mikara finds an unoccupied corner and sits on the floor, folding her legs beneath her, watching the others as they mingle, as if to assess the character, fortitude, and likely role of each.

...The humans seem arrogant and a little crude, but such is the way with humans. Their raw power will come in handy if kept in check.

The gnome appears decadent and demanding, though it is likely that she hides arcane strength that only surfaces when needed.

A company of three elves is somewhat comforting, but it would be unwise to allow it to congeal into a clique...

Voda Vosa

First Post
"Rotter is a strong word, I'm a mere practitioner of the art, much like yourself, despite the comparison disgusts me. I use whatever means are available to me to achieve my objectives, as I'm sure you will, given the circumstances." Vermitrax retorts. "Indeed, I believe a carnival in Daunton would be most suspicious. As time is at the essence, we should begin our investigation, should we not?"

Son of Meepo

First Post
"A carnival in Daunton indeed would be out of sorts right now. But the carnival is here, or at least the animal show! Alas, there can be no show without an audience, but fear not, I will put things to right first and then we can have a show!"

The gnoll who has just come down the stairs tips his cap and smiles.

"Fhangrim is the name, moving manifestations of marvelous menageries of majestic monstrosities straight from the Isle of Laughing Gallows is my game."

[sblock=Fhangrim's Stats]Fhangrim - Gnoll Sentinel 8
Status: Normal
Passive Perception 28 (+4 vs traps; low-light), Passive Insight 18
AC 22, Fort 22, Reflex 18, Will 21
HP 65/65, Bloodied 32, Surge Value 16, Surges 13/13
Speed 7, Initiative +8
Action Points: 1, Second Wind []
Melee Basic Attack: Melee 2; +14 vs AC; 1d12+6 damage (Crit 2d10+18).
At-Will Powers: Magic Stones,
Call Spirit Companion
Deep-Pocket Cloak
Encounter Powers: Combined Attack [][][],
Ferocious Charge [],
Spirit's Fangs [],
Healing Word [][],
Healing Spirit [],
Barkskin [],
Natural Terrain Understanding [],
Gadgeteer's Goggles []
Shockweave Armor []
Daily Powers: Summon Pack Wolf [],
Summon Giant Toad [],
Speak with Spirits [],
Shockweave Armor []
[/sblock] [sblock=Ursa Major's Stats]Ursa Major - Gaoler Pygmy Owlbear
Status: Normal
Passive Perception 30 (low-light), Passive Insight 18
AC 21, Fort 23, Reflex 19, Will 23
HP 32/32, Bloodied 16, Surge Value 8
Speed 6
Melee Basic Attack: +13 vs AC; 1d12+9 damage.[/sblock] [sblock=Ursa Minor's Stats]Ursa Minor - Young Gaoler Pygmy Owlbear
Status: Normal
Passive Perception 30 (darkvision), Passive Insight 18
AC 21, Fort 23, Reflex 19, Will 23
HP 32/32, Bloodied 16, Surge Value 8
Speed 6
Melee Basic Attack: +13 vs AC; 1d12+4 damage.[/sblock] [sblock=Ursa Maximus' Stats]Ursa Maximus - Spirit of Gaoler Pygmy Owlbear
AC 22, Fort 22, Reflex 18, Will 21
HP 14 (damage below this amount is ignored)
Immune Area and close attacks; all conditions[/sblock]

Ursa Minor: http://www.enworld.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=65813&stc=1&d=1419624696
Ursa Major: http://www.enworld.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=65812&stc=1&d=1419624696
Ursa Maximus: http://www.enworld.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=65811&stc=1&d=1419624696
Summoned Wolf: http://www.enworld.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=65814&stc=1&d=1419624696
Summoned Toad: http://www.enworld.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=65815&stc=1&d=1419624696


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"I am indeed, Illarion, good to see you make your way back." nods the boy. He looks over mighty paladin, drunk ranger and now this old one and thinks
"Elves. They'll try to keep everything dignified. Although the wild one doesn't look dignified at the moment. The mage will be trouble, always. And now this. Beast leading other beasts. At least he looks civilized."

Aloud he greets the gnoll politely
"Good day to you. Indeed, your show might lack audience, but we're discussing how best to discover what happened. It looks as if something came and whisked the people away. There is no trace of looting or killing. Someone mentioned great black dragon, but the populace was saved by a group of adventurers, there was no need to run away."

[MENTION=88601]FourMonos[/MENTION], Drew is updated, stats over weekend.

[sblock=Drew Stats]
AC: 26(+2 vs OA) Fort: 20 Reflex: 24 Will: 23
HP: 59/58 Surges: 8/8 Surge Value: 14

MBA: +16 vs AC 1d8+8 (unarmed strike); 1d4+7 with the dagger
RBA: +14 vs AC 1d4+7 (dagger)

Superior Implement (Mountain Ki), Internalize Basic Kata, Unarmored Agility, Slashing Kama Style, Ki Expertise, Beshaba's Boon, Superior Will


Fallen Needle
Five Storms
Crane's Wings
Centered Flurry of Blows

Drunken Monkey
Second Wind
Eternal Mountain
Iron Wolf Charge
Echoing Thunder
Mountainfall Stomp

Masterful Spiral
Water Gives Way

Mountain Ki Rain of Hammers- On a hit gain +1 AC and Ref; any forced movement (from this focus) is increased 1 square
Property: If Drew drops an enemy, one enemy adjacent to Drew takes 4 damage
Daily Minor: Make one at-will attack vs enemy already hit this turn.
Acrobat Boots - stand up as minor
Armor of sudden recovery - +1 saving throw against ongoing damage; Daily (minor) when taking ongoing damage - ongoing stops and turns into regeneration until the end of the encounter
Phylactery of action - Encounter (no action) - re-roll one saving throw against dazed, petrified, immobilized, restrained, stunned
Gloves of recovery - Daily (free) trigger: miss with melee attack: Make MBA against that same enemy

Acrobatics +16; Athletics +12; Perception +14; Stealth +16; Thievery +16
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First Post
"Whisked them away or really, truly scared them all off. So, where shall we start looking for clues? The Officia Politica? Perhaps some official wrote something down there of importance." suggests Lilli.


Lilli's comment spurs Mikara to start asking questions of her own. Her mind races to remember facts...Damn! I wish I had paid more attention. How thick was the dust in the tavern when I first walked in? I was the first one. That should give me an idea of how long ago all this started! [sblock=Nature]Rolling a Nature check to see if the thickness of the dust in the Hanged Man can give Mikara an accurate number for how many days, weeks, or months, the Hanged Man has been empty:

1d20 (19) + 12 = 31!


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