[Adventure] New Cyre Borderlands (Judge: )

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Ryda listens to those that answered her question, “I don’t blame anyone for my injuries other than those that gave them to me, but it doesn’t mean I wish to repeat them, and you are right Grys, perhaps they were just a superior foe.” She says the last part with a bit of anger toward herself. There were no superior foes, just ones she hadn’t figured out how to kill yet. Much to her relief, they arrive at their destination as she speaks.

“Either way, I need time to think. Go and do what you will, and think of me however you want.” With that said, she pulls her hood up, and quickly dashes from the car.

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Mythra steps out of the car without a word. Once again he continues on his quest to find his summoned creature. If he even needed assistance perhaps he could find his companions once again? he thinks to himself. They seemed to be useful in combat. With that thought he walks silently back into town.

Good luck to everyone with future adventures! :)

If anyone has any preferences either to adventure with me (or Mythra) in the future or not please send me a PM. Like I said before I would be happy to group with anyone, but if anyone does not like my playstyle (or Mythra! ;)) I don't want to cause strife in the group.[/sblock]


Jarren looks after Ryda with concern, and exchanges a look with Susan, resting a reassuring hand on the Warforged's broad shoulder. "She'll catch up with us, let's give her some time. She's still an allied unit." He smiles. "Shall we head back to the inn? A drink would be welcome."

With a nod of farewell to Grys, he sets off.

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