4E [Adventure]: Turning the Tide (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)


The parties attacks hit, but for only minor wounds. As the dragon whirls around to attack Ignus, his tail smashes into a column of rock, which supported the ceiling. As the column crumbled by the impact of the breast, the ceiling above it gave way sending massive rocks down on those below. The dragon, unfortunately took the brunt of the damage, with its lifeless body sprawled on the ground underneath the rubble. Members of the party feel the effects as wells, with Ignus and Graven receiving a head wound and a bruised thigh respectively. Both injuries were cured by the remaining potions given to the party at the beginning of the adventure, which now seems so long ago. To the right of the rubble along the way is now a large opening. It is clear to you that this room was once hidden, and rightfully so, as the floor of the room is filled with large piles of goal, more than any of you have ever seen. In addition to the gold are elegant armor and weapon pieces. The walls of the chamber have a strange mold coating them, which radiates a florescent glow, thus illuminating the room. As you step into the room it is clear that everything you see is quite real and items and gold are ripe for the pickings :)

GM: Guys, I'm going to ended it here. I'm spending too much time in between post. @Dekana You have every right to be frustrated. I was in an adventure a couple years ago when the DM's posts were becoming less frequent. I got frustrated too.

With that said however, I hope everyone had fun while it lasted and I want to thank everyone for participating in this adventure. In addition to the time gold and xp, feel free to obtain a lvl N+2 and a lvl N item of your choice. Please make you choices now based on your current lvl. I will then compute all the xp and gold once I see your choices of treasure.

ooc: There is a huge battle taking place outside the cave. If you want to join in that give me a pm and I'll fit you in the storyline.


"I can hardly believe it. It's as if all my birthdays have come at once." Eva says dryly.

OOC: It's cool, I'm not frustrated. Thanks for the adventure dimsdale! And thanks to my fellow players - see you around L4W!

Hmmm, Eva doesn't have any magic armor yet. How about:
Lvl N+2 (5): Power Jewel (Wondrous Item, AV)
Lvl N (3): Stoneskin Cloth (Armor, AV)


Merri hugs Eva, "Oh my gosh! That's great! Happy Birthday, Eva!!"

"Um, now what? Did we win?"

OOC: Merri is currently level 3. I would like her level 3 item to be a Mercurial Mind (level 3): Property: While you are not bloodied, you gain a +1 item bonus to speed. Power (Encounter, Psionic): Free action: Trigger: You hit an enemy with an un-augmented at-will attack. Effect: You shift 2 squares after the attack is resolved.

Level 5 Item: Bloodthread Armor +1: When bloodied, you gain a +2 item benefit to AC and saving throws.

Please let me know if these are okay.


Not going to bother picking Ignus' items since I've remade him into a higher level character and plan to move this version's experience over to a different character.
Thanks for the adventure Dimsdale, it was a lot of fun.


ooc: Okay everyone. I'll have final totals by tomorrow night. Sorry for the delay. Finishing finals this week. Thanks again for playing everyone


ooc: no worries dimsdale, its been great playing with you! your adventures are always so much fun. we really appreciate your time and energy. hopefully, even toning down the adventures, you'll be able to hang out and play a little still.



Hi everyone,

I was going to approve xp from Turning the Tide, I noticed that only one encounter is listed. I just wanted to double check that those are the only enemies the party has fought since their last xp given out. I noticed an acid hound and other things they were fighting a couple pages back.