Anyone else finding their TTRPG spending going down for lack of interest/need?

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GaryCon is a blast! It’s also growing fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a cap on attendance.

Also GameHoleCon is awesome and is one of the big three or four bucket list cons in my humble opinion.

I think the edition treadmill fatigue hits a lot of folks. Which makes 5es continued blockbuster growth even more amazing.
There is a limit on tickets, so its already capped. Its nearly max capacity for the venue based on what I saw this year. A lot of fun, and I have a room for next year but I'm not sure I'll be going. its a lot of money when its all said and done and that could go to another good trip.

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Eh, I go through this in waves. One moment I'll be all hot to buy whatever I can get my hands on, the next I'll be completely indifferent.

C'est la vie.


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So far this year my cost has been 798.13. Of that 574.13 was on Save vs Hunger earlier this month. My wife attended and generally chose the $12 plus a plate dinning out options. I am still setting money aside for DragonCon. And Magic City Comic Con is up in the air now.
I have not purchase any Kickstarter stuff. The documentaries look interesting.


Funnily enough, I've spent more on 5e than on 4e and 3.5e. My Fantasy grounds sub alone with the core books, came in about 250 bucks, plus a couple of modules, which I haven't bought in paper. Toss in my Thule Kickstarter and yeah, I'm pretty steadily buying.

OTOH, since the beginning of 3e, my gaming budget is tiny compared with what it was in 2e. I just realized way back then that I was buying books to gather dust on my shelf and I refuse to do that anymore.

If I'm not going to use almost the whole book, I won't buy it.

Which means WotC's new approach is perfectly tailored for me.
Even as little as I make now, it's still more than I made as a pre-teen and teenager, so I spend more now than I did back then. That being said, I go through periods where I buy a ton and periods where I don't buy anything.

The thing that scares me is that I occasionally buy something now that I know I can't possibly use until months later if ever, but I have that itch, and I have to scratch it.
I believe that was Poseidon giving you a chance to find RPG joy in a new way. Ever tried writing?
I have the fantasy about writing my own rpg but I dont have any good ideas yet, when I have tried I end up stealing ideas from here and there, and end up with nothing remotely fresh. In other threads it was mentioned that a good start is to write adventures first, which are shorter and simpler, so I made a draft but havent even playtested yet.

Maybe Poseidon is trying to point me in the right direction...


I am in the following boat:

Need to Play Games - Increasing

Number of Other Commitments - Increasing

Available Time - Decreasing

Amount of Crap I Buy That Never Has a Chance to Hit the Table - Increasing

Friends Who Are in the Same Exact Boat - Increasing

Mostly we're all looking forward to when we're able to retire (never) so that we can get back to gaming on a regular schedule.


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Mine has gone way down due to lack of books to buy. I don't buy most adventures, and 5e puts out very little else.


I've gone through a recent period of spending way too much money (and time) collecting and painting miniatures for wargames that I'll probably never play. (Can't find anyone to play.)
Buying some new systems too. Forbidden Lands was great. The Fantasy Trip - haven't gotten into it yet - feeling pretty meh.
I'm pretty much done buying D&D at this point. I have more than enough content. Don't want to buy stuff I'll never use like I did during the d20 glut.


Life gets in the way - I haven't played in a steady D&D game in over a year.

That having been said, when I was playing, I was really unimpressed with how WotC had been marketing their offerings over the past couple of years since 5e was introduced. I literally have no idea what their upcoming releases are, and of the stuff that they have released, I'm uninspired by it.

It doesn't "help" that I have tons of product going back to the OD&D days that I find more inspiring, more interesting, and more "fun.". I'm tired out reading glowing reviews of products described as state of the art design, or diverse, or socially conscious, or anything other than "fun.". Fun to play, fun for the DM, and fun to adapt and modify.

What I want:. Short, easy to run adventures that can be mashed together with others to form adventure paths. I'm not talking paizo-like APs. I'm talking the list in the back of Goodman Games DCC35 that listed various of their DCC adventures and how to turn them into an AP...


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Seriously, look at dmsguild. Especially the things designed just for this. Like the AL and CCC mods.


Seriously, look at dmsguild. Especially the things designed just for this. Like the AL and CCC mods.
I've looked at them. I'm not loving the CCC, DDAL or DDEX mods - these are part of an organized play system and are tied together in some fashion. I'm really looking for standalone mods that *I* can tie together however I see fit, that are really short like the old 32-page TSR mods, but that have enough info to make it easy for a DM to run. Nothing out there seems to fit what I want. They are either super elaborate, too detailed in the wrong areas, or so tied to specific locales that I'd have to do a bunch of work to make them flow properly - which takes time that I don't have...

Given that I have tons of old product anyway, I see no need to buy any new stuff right now.