D&D (2024) Are You Happy with the Selection of Subclasses?


Maybe yeah, just like the twilight cleric. I think it has less to do with theme and more to do with class candy.

Aberrant sorcerer does both, I think. Fills a thematic niche and bolsters the weaknesses of the sorcerer with extra spells and abilities.
Aberrant mind is the saving grace of sorcerer in 5E, clockwork comes 2nd, everything else is trash so hoping for big improvements.

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
They should toss Brawler and replace it with Echo Knight.

i would prefer Samurai (for another non-casting option) -- Wisdom-discipline as opposed to the Int-discipline of Eldritch Knight -- but would be happy with Rune Knight. But I agree Brawler should go.
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