Area of Effect/Size Printable Templates?


frankthedm said:
There is a slight problem there. Besides the problem of how thick the line should be [same width of the lines that exist between squares is my guess], the text and the example{and the text in that example] of lines in the PHB do not agree on what defines a line!
Thanks, Frank! Excellent work.


Visitor Wotc has just put up an article on aiming lines... for the D&D Miniatures game. The article has bearing since the rule are somewhat close, but I will stress the article uses the "PHB example text"* definition of a line along with more stringent placement requirements.

PHB text: "A line-shaped spell affects all creatures in squares that the line passes through."
PHB Example's text: "All squares through which the line passes or touches are affected by the attack."

Line placement is also being discussed here


Hmm. 30 bucks + postage + a hit on exchange rate?
I think I'll source some wire and have a go myself.

Fab templates by the way, chaps. Thanks.


frankthedm, you know that people are gonna bookmark this thread, right? :)

Could you put in a link to your Entangle template too? I really like that one.


FWIW, my Steel Squire templates arrived today. Perfect! I can't wait to use them on ...errr, "with" the PCs. :)


I'm inclined to say the first one. The vertical axis mirrors the horizontal one, unlike #3, and the transitions seem fair. Number 2 has is bit too much fire for me in the 8 corners.

I notice you don't allow for wind - this must be low altitude on a nice day?
What about rain?

*ducks and covers*


frankthedm said:
Drop the image into microsoft word or something else and stretch it to fit?
Exactly. That's how I do it (although I use Publisher, rather than Word).