D&D 5E Artificer fluff ideas

As we all know, the Artificer expressly lets you fluff its spell casting to be basically whatever you want it to be (through an item):
To observers, you don’t appear to be casting spells in a conventional way; you look as if you’re producing wonders through various items.

So your Scorching rays can be fluffed as an arcane laser gun. Your Web spells can be fluffed as a wrist mounted monofilament Web launcher. Your Shield spell fluffed as a personal emergency belt mounted force field. And so forth.
you can also use any item bearing one of your infusions as a spellcasting focus.

So any as long as you have an infused item at hand, you no longer need M spell components either (unless they're expensive)
You can change your list of prepared spells when you finish a long rest. Preparing a new list of artificer spells requires time spent in tinkering with your spellcasting focuses

In addition, you can tinker with your gadgets to 'disassemble' them and reassemble them the next morning as new 'mystical or technological' items (i.e" switching your spells known).

While you dont have to put much thought into it (you could just have a bag or cloak full of 'unspecified items' that you can use) lets get creative. What are some ideas around this? Some fluff for specific spells, or (better yet) some cool themes for an artificer you could pull off?

Some concepts off the top of my head that are awesome and now totally playable by RAW:
  • Batman; Shadow Monk/Artificer. His infusions and spells are fluffed as his utility belt.
  • The Predator; Ranger/ Artificer (Artillerist). Invisibility, cure wounds, web, darkvision all obvious choices (and you know what they are in game!). His eldritch cannon mounts to his shoulder. Animate objects can be his razor disc (although Steel Wind strike would be totally better for that!)
  • The Mandalorian: Similar to the Predator above; an Artillerist artificer with the addition of Fly (jetpack), helmet mounted optics, wrist launched weapons (the Eldritch cannon is a wrist mounted flamethrower; his Fire bolt cantrip is a Blaster rifle) and so forth. Defensive spells are his armor. Animate objects his 'whistling birds'.
  • Inspector Gadget: Inquisitive Rogue/ Artificer. His gadgets are fluffed as his built in cybernetic gadgets (a propeller pops out of his head when he flies etc; bonus points if you yell out 'Go Go Gadget' each time you cast)
Anyone got any more? Bonus points for creativity.

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