Babylon 5... reboot?

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Maybe someone at CW was watching the Earth Gov plotline and thought it was topical.

More seriously, if this is going to happen I hope the new Sinclair/Sheridan equivalent be more complex and less an outright messiah figure. This always bothered me. The show was great about portraying the messiness of politics and war, having the main characters both be Space Jesus (Sinclair is arguably more a Space Moses) felt like a massive cop out.


Okay, yeah, that has me excited as well.

CW leaves a little bit of worry, especially with how the quality of Supergirl went down immediately upon switching to their hands, but hopefully they stick to their commitment to give him creative freedom.
The way I look at it, the CW signals an attempt to reach a younger audience, but the choice of B5 means they’re interested in broadening their target demographic. Otherwise they’d be adapting some popular YA genre series, not an old, award-winning cult space opera most popular with old sci-fi heads.

And if it’s on the CW, I can finally get my buddy Steve to watch. He eats that CW… umm... content up. Lord knows my attempts to get him to watch back in the 90s met with a string of failures.
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Yeah, but as long as the normal CW writers don't stick their hands in, it should be fine. I hope.
Producers tend to be more of an issue. And by "producers" I mean the people who control the purse strings, but have little creative talent themselves. They are the ones responsible for giving a major role to the "actress" that they are sleeping with, giving the job of editing to cousin Leo, or demanding that they get to have their idea of a giant spider creature in the final act. Yeah, the first two are paraphrased from actual events, but the last one is absolutely real.


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I havent really engaged with anything on CW. I know its not prime time, but how is the programming typically?



Reboot? CW? I'm going to reserve judgement until I hear more. Right now I am... cautious.


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It was great then. I have the complete DVD set, plus the movies. I bit too preachy and sanctimonious for my taste these days. Tried watching it this past winter. The low budget production didn't age very well.

CW proved they can do really good TV that subverts tropes with Supernatural. I could watch it if they have really good writers.
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Don't worry, it'll be great. Sheridan trying to decide if he really loves Delenn or Ivanova. G'Kar and Mollari fighting over Lyta's affections. But it's really the new cool kid in scho... on station, Kosh, that the girls are all crazy over.
Admittedly, that episode where Bester is wedgied in the hallway gets pretty intense.

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