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ZEITGEIST Backgrounds for Zeitgeist (4E)

Hi All! In preparation for an upcoming Zeitgeist game (4E version), I'm trying to come up with a set of backgrounds, separate from the 8 themes available in the Enhanced Player's Guide. I think backgrounds should be similar to, but not match exactly one-to-one with the themes. For example, a character with the Yerasol Veteran theme could have a background like Battalion Officer's Academy, Rifleman, Old Salt, or a background based on where they originated in Risur (Avery Coast, Weftlands, Anthros Mountains, Slate, Shale, Bole, Yerasol Native).

Mechanically, I intend to aim for backgrounds with power equal to the Scales of War or Forgotten Realms backgrounds, as in my experience 4E players pick those if given the option. Many of the general backgrounds could be used as is, so I will likely allow those to my players as well.

I welcome any suggestions for Backgrounds the community might have either from your previous Zeitgeist PCs or entirely new, or ideas for what benefits to add to the list I currently have.

More examples from my list:
Risuran (generic, add Primordial to languages known, choose any one skill to add to your skill list)
Battalion Officer's Academy
Old Salt
Rifleman (gain proficiency in musket or rifle-musket)
Pardwright (or Mitchell) Scholar
Factory Worker
Noble Scion
Geographic: Yerasol Native (recommended for more exotic non-fey races, like kenku); Avery Coast; Weftlands; High Bayou; Anthros Mountains; Slate; Shale; Bole
Emancipated Descendent (dragonborn, goliath, minotaur etc. who is a 2nd generation or more native of Risur)
Stolen by the Fey (Taken as a child by fey of the Dreaming, you return to mortal life. How much do you remember of human culture and customs? Did you locate your family)
Changeling Child (reverse of above, you are a fey who was left in a mortal household, and then raised as their own - or abandoned at a young age)
Dreaming Runaway (a fey who fled the Dreaming, or was exiled)
Protector of the Old Faith (follower of Risur's native Druidic faith, but not necessarily a Vekeshi Mystic, though they have overlapped)

Panoply Enthusiast
Executores dola Liberta
Megafauna Rancher
Dragon-Messiah Cultist
Guerro Practictioner
The Unseen (I.E. kobold, left Ber to be noticed and avoid jokes about how kobolds don't exist.)

Anti-Hierarchy Henothist (for those divine characters who prefer a more traditional D&D religious character and are not fond of all the Clergy entails)
Apostate Technologist
Travelling Preacher
Sanctified Monster Hunter
Refugee from Corruption (family left Crisillyr to escape The Family or Clergy persecution)

Settler (for non-elven residents of in the colonies, I questioned whether I should call this Colonialist Settler)

Post your own!
New Daughter
Former Slave
Adventurous Abolitionist

Arcane Student (left Danor to better study arcane magic)

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What is your goal? Typically, backgrounds introduce a single minor buff (+2 to skill or addition of a skill to the class list) and help the player to actually remember his backstory (there is a number of very potent exceptions, which I usually ban in my games). It's trivial to find a suitable background to get any specific bonus, so it's just a small power creep in disguise.
From your list, Godhand seems very out-of-place for 1st level character.

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