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5E Best On Screen Representation: Barbarian

Which top three on screen characters best represent a D&D barbarian?

  • Conan (the Barbarian, the Destroyer)

    Votes: 66 74.2%
  • Kutcheck and Gore (the Barbarians)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Thundarr (the Barbarian animated series)

    Votes: 12 13.5%
  • Gort (Hawk the Slayer)

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Sokka (Last Airbender)

    Votes: 5 5.6%
  • Bjorn Ironside (Vikings TV show)

    Votes: 13 14.6%
  • Khal Drogo (GoT)

    Votes: 28 31.5%
  • Tormund Giantsbane (GoT)

    Votes: 27 30.3%
  • Prince Voltan (Flash Gordon)

    Votes: 4 4.5%
  • Deathstalker (Deathstalker movie)

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Bobby (D&D cartoon)

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Nappa (Dragon Ball Z)

    Votes: 5 5.6%
  • Ator (from the Ator movies)

    Votes: 3 3.4%
  • Kegan (Krull)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lux (Wrath of the Dragon God)

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Kull (Kull the Conqueror)

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Balthazar (The Scorpion King)

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Red Sonja (Red Sonja)

    Votes: 8 9.0%
  • Boramir (yes, including here even though he could be a fighter, from LoTR)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Wolverine

    Votes: 17 19.1%

  • Total voters


Besides those already mentioned the only other on screen Character I can think of who fits the Bard class is
Prince Robin the Brave, from Muppets The Frog Prince

Does Jem from Jem and the Holograms work as a Bard? Singing and Illusion powers?

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If we aren't limiting ourselves to Fantasy as a genre then:

Josie and the Pussycats.
And the kids from Jabberjaws.


Is he really a bard though? I mean, he sings, but that’s because the show is a musical and everyone sings. He’s not really defined as an entertainer within the context of the show because singing is the norm.
He sings. That's good enough for me. 🎼🎤


I suspect more votes would go to Thundarr but it was 40 years ago and a lot of people probably don’t know him. I mean, the title of the show was Thundarr the BARBARIAN lol. And he was pretty stereotypical barbarian

Tomorrow is the Bard poll. And honestly, I'm struggling a bit. There aren't too many bard archetypes on screen. I better take ideas now. Here's what I have so far. You can tell I'm pretty desperate lol:

Fflewddur Fflam (The Black Cauldron)

El Mariachi (The Mexico Trilogy /w Antonio Banderas)

Minstrel singing Brave Sir Robin (Quest for the Holy Grail)

Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend)

Geoffrey Chaucer (A knight’s Tale)

Dandelion (Witcher)

Gabrielle (Xena)

Lorne (Angel)

Jazz (Transformers)

Gambit (X MEN)
Hubert Hawkins (The Court Jester).

It's an oldie, but is pretty much the only one I can think of where the bard is the protagonist rather than a sidekick.

NB Alan-a-Dale is a bard in many versions of the Robin Hood myth, not just the Disney version.


The Beatles (Yellow Submarine)
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The other thread about best on screen representation of D&D got me thinking (Willow, Conan the Barbarian, and LoTR were the winners). What best on screen representations are there for each of the classes? Let's say you have a new player who wants to play a barbarian. Which on screen references would you point to, to show a good example of what a barbarian is?

Poll rules: You can choose your top three options. I fully understand I may be missing an option here or there, but am trying to include the most popular and most familiar. And those that had a decent sized role, not just a scene or two. I'm weak on anime, so open to suggestions here. Also, a person might be on the fighter poll instead of this poll, or both. This is for TV or movies only. Not literature. So no Fafhrd, sadly. I'm trying to keep the number of options below 20 for a narrower scope (an issue when the fighter poll appears, I'm sure), so not everyone will be on this list.

I'm doing this in alphabetical order, and at the end, will tally the winners in a single thread similar to Appendix N

Now I anxiously await 90% of the posts being: You forgot so and so.
You did not really expect any other to win this poll than the one me and about 80% voted for, did you?


You did not really expect any other to win this poll than the one me and about 80% voted for, did you?
This is a top 3 winner, so while Conan was the clear winner, it's interesting to see who the other two who will be up on the barbarian podium will be ;)

Edit* although, I am a bit surprised the next two went to GoT characters.
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Like to see Blackwolf from Fire and Ice (Ralph Bakshi flick...anyone..?) on this otherwise great list.

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