BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)


The man with the probe
OOC: If you wanted it strapped away, that's fine. I cound Madigan, Tam, and Khoros on the roof or heading there (I need initiative from you Madigan), Rio, Fritz, Khuther and Kenn are still down in in the car and haven't yet declaired their inteniton to go to the roof. That right?

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Kenn's initiative (1d20+2=22)

Kenn's eyes flare blue as he examines the men, seeking to read them to their uttermost depths and determine their motives.

(Expend psionic focus, activate Inquisitor feat for a +10 bonus to a sense motive check: total bonus is +16. Are these guys reacting to the emergency (like us) or causing it?)

If they're causing the trouble, Kenn levels his pistol crossbow at them and directs them to drop their weapons, firing when they do not.
If they're reacting, holster the crossbow and try to keep everyone from killing each other accidentally.


ooc: Rio thinks that running about on the roof of a moving (though slowing down, if I understand things correctly) lightning rail car is sort of crazy, or at the very least an activity that ought to be limited to agile people in lighter armor. He hopes to proceed from car to car.

Drowned Hero

First Post
[sblock]hey guys. im very sorry but my computer is broken... Im on vacations kinda far of civilization so i had to travel 2.5 hrs to get to this small village where its a internet cafe.
Im hoping my computer to be fixed next friday and my cell phone conection re-established from my telephone company. (a missunderstanding from their side made them cut it yesterday) all in all i will be back for sure over the weekend.

Khuther are going to use his wand of mages armor and follow the others. he will deal as much damage he can in a fight.



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[sblock=ooc] Glad to hear from you DH...I hope everything works out for you. I remember being in a foreign land where things aren't always as reliable as you'd hope. Good luck and I hope to see you back soon.[/sblock]


The man with the probe
Round 1

Round 1:
[sblock=Kenn]You sense obvious hostile intent form the 4 crossbowmen, who seem to be more intent on causing trouble. You might be able to move a bit still)[/sblock]

Khoros leaps atop the train. (The map is wrong then, that was preleap. Post leap, you're on the edge of car D)

One of the guys on car A does something, you think.

Khuther Activates his wand of Mage Armor

Madagin dimention leaps atop the train just in time to see Khuther leap over the top.

Some of the crossbowmen are eyeing you all anxiously.

Tam, is up next

[sblock=OOC: Drowned Hero]Repair light damage is not a Level 0 spell. You need to chose another one[/sblock]

If you don't change your action by the time I get to you, I'll assume it still stands. Hope the crude map helps.


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