BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)

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Tam Aritz, male psiwarrior 2, AC 21, HP 22/22, pp 1/3

ooc: The map and the last post clarifies some things. The crossbowmen are deployed in a highly suspicious manner, so I'll change my action.

Tam manifests Force screen and moves inside car D, looking for cover and using his Dodge feat against one of the crossbowmen.

Active powers: Chameleon (20 minutes), Force screen (20 rounds)


First Post
Moggthegob said:
once atop the train, Mardigan will move toward the crossbowmen while drawing his flail.

OOC:Remember that we're on top of the train, and the crossbowmen are inside. We can't see anything but those two folks a few carts ahead.

Khoros grunts while staying low. "I can't see anything... what to do, what to do?"

He moves along the cart, smiling savagely. In no particular hurry while waiting for his enemies to tip their hand, he's trying to stay a little hidden, and enjoying the ride. At least he's outside, right?


The man with the probe
Patlin said:
ooc: What connects the cars? Some sort of bridge, or just open space?
There is a 5' wooden platform on the edge of each car. There is a small gap between the cars, but it is easily stepped over, hense I didn't put it in there.


The man with the probe
Tam enters the doorway to the other car, and is immediately fired on by all of the men. Only one of the bolts manages to penetrate his defenses though, as he takes some damage (1 point).

One of the men on top of the A car slips into the roof and disapears.

Rio is up...


First Post
Khoros grumbles, and realizes this is one of those times where he needs to make a decision. He has no idea who these people are, and he's not exactly smart enough to figure it out - the ways of "civil folk" mean little to him.

So, what to do?

Act impulsively, of course!

"to hell with it. Time to charge in!"

Khoros is going to run as fast as he can, jumping those carts, to get to the people on cart A. Maybe they'll fire on him, and he can figure out if he should fight 'em.


Rio moves in, drawing his greatsword as he aproaches the crossbowmen.

ooc: A double move brings him 40' forward. Drawing the sword is free, as he has a BAB of +2.

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