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BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)


The man with the probe
ajanders said:
(OOC) Is this a furnished car? The map didn't provide any details I recognized, but I'm thinking in a regular train car there'd be mostly seats bolted down, with maybe a 5' aisle in the center.
OOC: I couldn't find a map, and I'm lazy. That's what you get when using MS Excel to map. This is more a party car (much like yours) that is more open though.

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Kenn drops his pistol crossbow on an end table and advances towards the crossbowmen himself, attempting to flank with either Tam or Rio.
As he goes, he draws his rapier, which embarrassingly is still a move action for him. However, anybody near him who provokes an attack of opportunity (by, say, reloading their crossbows) gets poked.
If not, he'll take his attacks of opportunity with a buckler smash.


The man with the probe
OOC: No, it's pretty clear. I'll have a post on the weekend (I finaly get a weekend off). Between people on sick leave, getting canned, and other stuff, it's been a stressful week.


The man with the probe
Tam moves forward (I got his speed wrong, so I adjusted that in to this movement).

Three of the men fire at Tam anyway, and miss, though one comes within an inch of his neck. The last man thinks better and fires at Rio, but misses.

They all then drop their crossbows and draw weapons. 2 with Mourningstars, one with a light mace, and one with a short spear.




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Drowned Hero

First Post
Khuther Qbyer HP: 14 Action points 6/6 Mage Armour active +4 AC: 11+4= 15

Khuther Will fire magic missile at the hostile with the spear... he will keep doing so until the enemy drops, he goes out of spells or he gets attacked by meele weapon.


Tam Aritz, male psiwarrior 2, AC 21+dodge, HP 21/22, pp 1/3

While Rionus has to jog, impeded by his armor, Tam swiftly springs forward and tests his foe's defenses with a quick glaive swing.

[sblock=ooc]Move 3 squares east of crossbowmen #2, or 2 east and 1 north of #1, then attack #1. Glaive attack hits AC 12, damage is 9.

If he has to make any attack of opportunity thanks to his reach, it automatically fails.

Dodge against #1[/sblock]

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