Dragonlance Building a Dragonlance character, according to DDB.

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Kai Lord

From the Article, when talking about races:

"The people of Krynn have faced unique—and let's face it, back-to-back—catastrophes that have shaped them and caused them to adopt different customs than brethren on other worlds. Let's take a walk through the most common folk you'll run into during your adventures on Krynn. Just keep in mind your DM has the final say on available player options. (So keep that harengon monk in your back pocket!)"

And then they go on to list the following options:

Kender, Dwarf, Elf (Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Kagonesti), Gnomes, and Human.

Link to full article: How to build a Dragonlance Character.
Woohoo, I'm liking what I'm reading!

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Forest gnomes: "While forest gnomes exist, they are rarer than their rock gnome cousins and prefer to seek harmony between nature and science rather than pursue endless innovation."
Now I'm picturing a barechested forest gnome dressed all in black, pondering a dragon from a distance: "Your artificers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. "

"However, College of Lore bards and Arcana and Knowledge Domain clerics could undoubtedly find themselves dedicated enough to learning to risk their lives by taking the Test of High Sorcery. "

I didn't expect that...


I think they may have existed in some DL sources, basically as non-Mr Nevermind gnomes

One was featured in one of the early collections of short stories. It had managed to refine something it called Gnomium and then from that created something it called Plus-Gnomium...

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