CERAMIC D.M. the final judgement is in!


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well, our esteemed defending champ has asked that ceramic d.m. be put off till the 15th, and that is tomorrow.

we will need 7 entrants and 2 backups. if 2 of the folks who have previously offered to help me judge are free for a week i woudl like them to sign on too:)

story or mini adventure
no peeking at opponent
no editing
3 votes and critiques from 3 judges.
4 pics each round, semifinals will have a bonus pic, finals will have 2 bonus pics.
48 hours to finish your entry (72 was for the holidays, get over it)

anyone in?
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mega man, you will be goiven illustrations. your job is to create a miniadventure or short story under the assumtion that the illus would be the illustrations for your piece.

the pics should play a prominent role in your writing, then you are judged against someone else with the same ingredients :)

Neat! What time period are we talking? I work afternoons and am closing a Morgage in the morning morning (about now but tommorrow).

Not sure what I'm getting into but with that time allotment I should be able to play.:)

Put me into the mix!

It's wrrrrriiiiiting time!

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