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Chains of Asmodeus


Chains of Asmodeus DM
"Do we really need to talk to this guy?"

The Conclave’s attempts to ascertain the whereabouts of the Unmaker’s soul have been… unsuccessful thus far. I have been tasked with attempting to pull the information from Baalzebul in order to assist with that particular objective. Whether you find it worthwhile to question this devil for your own purposes is for you to decide. I’ll attempt to help divine as much information for you as I can, but even my magic has it’s limits within the bounds of the Hells.

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Cas is uncomfortable with the idea of someone hosting an Archdevil into their body to say the least. Something that powerful, even contained to a mortal form? It screams preventable danger. "I agree with Niveirn, I'm sure it would be safer to make inquiries once down there." She's been involved in her fair share of information-gathering missions after all. Surely devils like to gossip as much as anyone else, torture must get boring sooner or later.

"Or better yet if you feel the need to interrogate someone with regards to this, surely there's someone lower down the totem pole that would work just as well?" She suggests. Often the ones lower down have the more applicable information. Sure the bosses oversee but how much do they actually get involved with anything? An Archdevil doesn't seem the type to dirty his hands unless there's no alternative.


Izek is also leery of summoning an Archdevil, but sees an opportunity.

"I am certain that with all the preparations the Conclave has made they wouldn't be going along with Koh Tam's plan if they didn't believe it would work. What methods do you have to contain Baalzebul and compel him to speak the truth, Koh Tam?"

He tries to diffuse the tension with a joke.

"And if Baalzebul is released onto the Material Plane it should at least make our journey through Hell easier with one less Archdevil down there. The ensuing civil war will have the Devils too busy to bother with us."

Izek looks to his fellow party members.

"But if anyone has any alternative ideas that will work I am happy to hear them out."


"Yeah, maybe someone not so evil, an intern or something. Maybe like uhhhhhh..." he brings his hands to his hips, swaying back and forth as his face seems to crunch through the ideas coming to him, though he lands blank. "... yeah I'm beat." he listens to Izek before trailing the end of his statement.

"I'm sure some truth lies in that. I'm also sure that our cautions are well placed, yet still, the end justifies the means, no? I'm not sure if we'd make any better, if at all, without em'." he pivots, turning slightly to face the party "We're a sharp group of individuals, right? Plus, I bet Koh Tam here wouldn't mind if we roughed him up a bit if say... things got too unsavory, ain't that right Koh Tam?" he finishes his question with another quick jerk, turning with both hands, he snaps his fingers before pointing them both towards their soon to be tour guide.


"Let's... avoid resorting to violence so quickly, alright ? Archdevil-possessed or not, we're not in time, place, or desire to start up a fight. There's many different ways we can solve this, so let us take the time to think about it."

Letting such a threat without one's body... Even if restrained, this could easily spell danger, even disaster, to the rest of the party and those that surround them. If they are going to go through with that, the Conclave really better know what they are doing.

"If you are certain you can contain Baalzebul... Then maybe we can proceed. Do you have any counter-measure however, just in case ?"


Chains of Asmodeus DM
The ritual I have crafted targets Baalzebul specifically. To change targets would take me a few more days of research, a delay that I’m afraid your patrons aren’t likely to tolerate. I have devoted my life to the research and study of the Nine Hells, and have performed this ritual a number of times, but you are right to be cautious. Interaction with any devil carries risk. Any of you that wish to withdraw yourself are welcome to.
And of course, the little one is right, should things go wrong I would expect you all to do what is necessary.

Koh Tam flashes a smile at Damocles that is more genuine than you might expect from an elder priest.

You are likely to face threats far greater than what Baalzebul would be capable of through Koh Tam. Still, your caution encourages me. We may yet stop the Unmaker…


First Post
Niveirn runs a hand down the side of their face. Their suck in air through their teeth at the same time, making a pained expression. "Listen guys, I'm not going to enjoy trying to out talk something that talks for a living, and I will gladly accept that. I got no ideas for how to handle it. I'm leaving that decision up to those that actually wish to speak."

They pace a few steps back and forth, moving their hand to rub over their neck. "I can be the counter, though. If that's going to be what worries the rest of you," Niveirn bumps the maul against their shoulder for emphasis, "I'll bat this devil away the moment it moves!"


"So violence is the countermeasure. See Rendar? My unending flow of wisdom astounds me, hah!" he presses a hand to his stomach with a hearty laugh. "So then I guess we're aces! I bet Baalzbul will find our company.. satiating." turning around, he rests both hands, keeping them clutched along the straps of his belt. "We sure will miss you Koh Tam, I'll do my best to ensure this isn't our last conversation." he meant it. Damocles didn't wish any ill will on the priest, he cared for his life no less than he cared for the life of his companions. Yet, you know if it came to it, he wouldn't hesitate to obliterate whatever obstruction came before their goals. Sometimes the higher-staked things in life require you to get your hands bloody, and the sorcerer was no stranger to the crimson, he was dedicated to the cause.

"If this is our goodbye, let it be swift, no use in prolonging the heart-ache." he clutches his hands over his heart, feigning distress smothered in sarcasm.


Chains of Asmodeus DM
With a nod, Koh Tam begins chanting an incantation in infernal. As he does so he takes some vials from his robes and places the contents on each point of a five pointed star drawn in the same red liquid that’s in the pools at your feet. Ribbons of the liquid begin to rise from the pools and spiral around Koh Tam, floating a few feet from his body. After a minute or two they have completely surrounded him, and the sounds of his chanting build to a near-scream.

All at once, the chanting stops, but the ribbons of liquid continue. From inside, you hear the low, growling voice of Baalzebul:

The rancid stench of sinners surrounds me once again… Speak to me of your sins and I will tell you what I must. I may be bound to the truth but that does not mean I will give this information freely. Confess, mortals!

Zythan turns to you:

Anyone care to go first?


It appears the situation once again requires Izek to step up and lead the group.

Now what sins was he guilty of? Probably what he'd been accused of time and again by ungrateful recipients of his help unwilling to pay him and those he'd refused to just give his hard-earned money to.

"If it's the only way, fine. Greed."

It was completely unfair, it wasn't like Izek was robbing widows and orphans of their last coppers or stealing cherished heirlooms, he'd just wanted more than he had and taken the steps necessary to get them. If he was damned so was every rich person.

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