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Chains of Asmodeus

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Izek doesn't want the rest of the group to know the full details, but he has no choice.

"Fine. I took whichever jobs paid best regardless of morality, aided and abetted tyrants and warlords, and the last plan I had embarked on before my death involved assassinating an incompetent king and his treacherous advisors and putting myself on the throne."

Izek gets louder as his temper rises.

"Why is it wrong to want things and do what's necessary to have them?! Endless rich men and nobles got everything they wanted because they were born into it but my working towards the same things is a sin?! When a king steals it's his right as king, when a landlord drains his tenants dry it's his right as owner, but when I take their dirty money from them by force it demands punishment?! Birth and wealth decide things and since I can't change the former I'll damn well change the latter! If others aren't willing to seize power so be it, but I am not lacking in ambitions or the ability to pursue them! I'm going to reclaim my soul, nullify the contract binding it, and come back triumphant! Just. You. Wait."


Chains of Asmodeus DM
I'm going to reclaim my soul, nullify the contract binding it, and come back triumphant! Just. You. Wait."

The chamber trembles slightly under your feet as a deep, quaking laughter rolls forth from Koh Tam’s lips.

This one has SPIRIT! I may have use for you among my ranks, mortal. Nevertheless, your soul lies in Minauros, the Third Hell. You should find it within the Ineffable Trove. I almost pity you, Mammon’s domain is a disgusting one, and the Trove is a festering garbage pit. However, if you are as mighty as you are mouthy, you may yet survive.

Now, which of you shall confess next? Do not delay, I grow tired of this form.


"Pft." similar to how an unimpressed child would, Damocles takes a few strides forward taking his hands out of his pockets and crossing his arms. He tilts his head and gives the newly formed sphere of crimson an odd look. The vibrant flush hue of his eyes contrasted against his rather crotchety expression. If he was gonna be hanging around with the guy about slugs and flies, he wouldn't give any more breadth than needed, no shame as he attempts to get a better look at the newly possessed Koh Tam.

"Sorwynn couldn't kill a fly if she had stone hands! Much less be similar to any of us. Sin. Tch." the crease in his ever-frowning brow grows as even the idea of his creator being guilty opposes many of his dogmatic beliefs about the Shepherd. "She was trying to make more homes. You can't do that without more land, can you? She didn't know who she was gettin' into business with! She was swindled! Fell to flimflam! Pure chicanery you hear!" Izek had set the temperature, the hexblood surely wouldn't cool the waters. He carried the same passion the warlock did. "She slipped through the cracks. She don't belong here." as confident as he started, he concludes, feeling as he'd just preached gospel.


Chains of Asmodeus DM
"She slipped through the cracks. She don't belong here."
Baalzebul’s voice turns to a harsh growl:

How easy it is to wind a lie around the mind of a virtuous mortal… she’s one of mine.

Koh Tam’s eyes flare a bright red through the streaks of crimson as anger boils up in Baalzebul, and his growling grows louder:

Dare enter my domain, mortal, and I shall make you regret it for eternity! The Eye Market is what you seek, but make no mistake, my troops will be awaiting your arrival. Now away with you, I wish to hear of sins, not worms too trusting for their own good.

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