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"Meticulously laid out" is great news. Every year games are improving, if only in their technical presentation. The art budget is a good sign too, but that's more wait and see for me.

Also, I've never heard of a fluckstone. Is that like a variant cursed loadstone?


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It seems to me like they should have Chris Perkins commenting more and Mike Mearls commenting less. Mearls is a great designer, but much of what he says/writes seems to turn people off of 5E.

Or am I misinterpreting this?

No. I've been saying since this whole playtest started: Mearls butchers his announcements.


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"Meticulously laid out" is great news.
I hope this is true! I play fourth edition D&D all of the time. The core game is fine with me but this edition is the single worse laid out one ever. If you are trying to look something up without the digital tools you might as well just pick a random page to start reading. The organization is absolutely horrid.


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LOL. In the case of the 1E DMG that's a feature not a bug, because you learn something new and get to enjoy more Gygaxian prose every time you go looking for something.

I didn't say it was a bad thing...just that it is a thing :)

We should play a game some time. State an obscure rule in the 1e DMG, and see who amongst four people locate that rule in the book fastest, using only a hardcopy of the book in their hands.

the Jester

That's really not a good sign. If they believe people actually like flumphs, I got a bridge to sell them.

I love flumphs, but I also like shedu.

That said, if I have to choose two between flumphs, shedu and lamassu- one of the human-headed, almost-indistinguishable-from-the-other, good-aligned-temple-guarding-outsider types can go.

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