D&D 5E Christian Hoffer, Jeremy Crawford GenCon interviews.


I crit!
Christian Hoffer is on a roll, he got to play games if Darrington Press new games with CR cast members and now he has a series of exclusive interviews with Jeremy Crawford.

So - I had the chance to talk with Jeremy Crawford at Gen Con and I'm finally sitting down to write up some interview articles. Very interesting insights about D&D and a few surprises too. Monday will be discussing whether the various campaign-setting books released in recent years were one-offs or if we'll get more adventures and books set in these worlds. Tuesday is about whether D&D pays attention to the wider discourse in regards to UA playtests.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 1.10.21 AM.png

Here is Christians author article list on Comic Book Com. Not sure these will be there but I bet they are.

First article is up!

WotC plans to visit more classic campaigns and even return to ones they’ve already done! Which is great news!

The thread of the interview going over UA feedback is here.

About high level play.
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