Civilizations, RANKED!

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Civilization 3 for me.

Civ 4 onwards changed to many things imho over what I fell in love with.

By Civ 4 I was kind of switching to grand strategy.


Is Civilization: After Earth different from Civilization: Beyond Earth?

I didn't mind Beyond Earth, because it used the no-stacking rule of Civ V, but made more sense to me, as I found the idea of ancient Archers and Artillery having the same range a little immersion breaking.

Civ 2 and Civ IV were definitely my favourite.


I played them all from Civ 1, thoroughly enjoying each one of them, so it’s pretty hard to rank them.

I’m going to start by saying that Alpha Centauri left a lasting impression on me. What an evocative, creative game of which the like I never expect to see again.

For the main line, I think Civ 4 edges out as the winner. The title sequence alone with Baba Yetu was inspiring, and Nimoy narrating is just chef’s kiss.

The others I’ll go with 5,6,2,1,3 .

A few of you said Civ 6 was too board gamey, and I’m genuinely curious what makes it that way for you. It’s been a few years since playing them both, but I personally thought 5 and 6 were pretty similar.

Then again, from Civ 3 on I tended to add a lot of player mods, so maybe my experience is skewed by that.


Disappointed this was about strategy games. I was coming in here to defend the Hittite Empire.

Look, the Hittites were okay, very cool jugs for pouring wine. But I'm giving the gong to the Mitanni.

Simmons had become a very intentionally public** psychotic anti-Muslim and ultra-racist bigot, so that was a bold choice to claim!

** = He published an open letter about how Muslims were going to kill us all. Still waiting on that.

Well that is disappointing. I liked Hyperion. And a few of his other books were okay. Ah well. Look I'm not going to throw out my copy of Hyperion, but I won't be recommending him to others. Or buying any more of his work.

Okay, like many, not including Alpha Centauri wildly upends things, as it is far and away one the best. Certainly if we follow OP's 'products of their times' concession* **,
*it certainly would have benefited from the era of downloaded patches to fix the expansion only including one of the two feuding aliens in random-opponent
**mods or continuing expansions would have been nice in making more options for which faction was 'actually right' about how to live on the planet.

Anyways, of the core games, I would put the order at I, III, VI, II, IV, V, although I might be thinking of V with user mods.

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