D&D 5E Cleric-dependant parties

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The other day I ran a few sessions with the party made up of 2 fighters, a wizard, and 2 rogues. It was pretty doable. With hit dice healing availability, and especially back to full hp after a long rest (I houserule that away), there's not a pressing need for a healer.


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I've found in the past that you can manage without so much healing if your damage output and monster control goes up. It's generally the case that non-healing classes are good at avoiding damage one way or another, either by killing the bad guys, having a high AC or some other means. Parties with healers are more likely to live by trading hit points with the enemy.

What this tends to mean is that if you've got a lot of healing in your party it will look as if you need it. A party made up of a fighter, paladin and cleric will go toe to toe with monsters, hit and get hit back, and heal the damage it takes. A party made up of a fighter, rogue and ranger will sneak about and nuke down threatening monsters, so it takes a lot less damage in the first place.

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Related to the general topic, does it seem odd to anyone else that Druids are the only class that can be proficient with herbalism kits and therefore the only ones that can craft healing potions?
We don't actually have rules yet for the crafting of potions in general. Herbalism is kind of a special case that had to be dealt with in the PH because it doesn't do much else.

I'm sure casters of every stripe will be furnished with the ability to brew all kinds of potions as soon as the DMG drops.

Also, I agree with everything Mandragola said. You can absolutely play without a healer. You just have to approach things differently. But bard and druid (and cleric, for that matter) are such fun classes, it shouldn't be too difficult to convince someone to play one! Another option is the abjurer wizard. At 6th level, that guy's damage mitigation potential is insane.
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