D&D 5E Clickbait we didn't fall for: "Wizards is copying Critical Role"

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I honestly think they missed the mark by trying to force the issue, here. Half-dragons were the most popular of the 3e "dragon men" types, and they had a very different aesthetic and story from dragonborn. Also they may have tried to hit those last points in 4e, but in 5e they certainly don't have a unique culture, society, or mechanical niche.

Honestly I am glad they went with full on 'dragon men'. Half Dragon would have leaned almost for sure into various lines of design/tropes already covered.

As to the lack of culture, society, and mechanical (dragon breath isnt?) niche, thats just 5e being 5e. There is no culture or society design worth mention, and anything that was there, has been either quietly errata deleted, or denied and replaced for reasons.

It took playing with the AI Art tool for me to come around on Dragonborn really, I was indifferent to them before, but I'm glad they are more than just Half Dragons.

4e Dragonborn were awesome and their history tied in with the history of 4e Tieflings in a way that elevated them both. 5e, in its typical fashion, copied the aesthetics of 4e Fragonborn and 4e Tieflings, without preserving the real substance. But, hey, it worked out, they’re both as popular as ever if not even more popular.
That does summon up the often soulless, substance free style of the D&D team.

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