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I don't believe in the no-win scenario
Can't believe this swill is still around.

Oh its still around, but nobody wants it.


Oh its still around, but nobody wants it.
No wonders the person who owns this poster is drinking Keystone they can't even afford tape, they probably got fired from the office for stealing the clips to hang it up. Lost my job, Keystone tonight!!
I think there was a moment when Keystone was mentioned in a hit country music song in the 2010s and everyone pretended to like it for about 18 months.
Probably the same people that their dinnerware is made up soley of (no pun intended) red Solo cups, plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives.


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No, and I've always found it unpleasantly skunky. I was shocked to try it on draft in the Netherlands and find it was actually good there!
The first time I had Heineken was at a hotel restaurant in NOLA. It was on draft and cold…and quite good. Every time I had it afterwards it was bottled and skunky. So I gave up on it.

I toured the Razin Brewery when I visited Moscow (early 2000s), and they had been bought by Heineken about 2 weeks before our tour. They were so giddy with the acquisition that they sat our group in a large meeting room with a bottle of each of their products for us to try.

At 10:30AM.

I was as hopeful as they were that the buyout would lead to distribution outside of Russia. Some of their beers were VERY good. Instead, Heineken shut them down.😕

Last odd beer story (for now, at least): I was out with friends at one of those bars that has hundreds of beers from around the world. Picking at random, I ordered Dragon Stout. It was a dark Jamaican beer, with both bitter and sweet elements. In a BIG bottle. With something like 10.5+% ABV. It was very tasty, and I used to order it almost every place I saw it- USUALLY in smaller bottles.😜

The last time I had it was on a disastrous first date. Not because of unpleasant associations putting me off of it, but because I could never find it again. AFAIK, it’s no longer available in the USA, and may even be out of production.


PBR is my favorite cheap beer. I have a lot of memories of gaming with cases of Pabst.
I missed the part of "gaming memories" the first time but caught it as I was looking for something else upthread. We had so much fun gaming, drinking crappy beer, smoking cheap cigarettes, but we once we got older, we always had good weed. Alcohol and pot fueled the game, the more you got tall, the game kept going because everyone used the last sentence for inspiration. Its really why I don't like 5E and the: "You're Not WotC Audience" topic is beyond me. Sorry, we bought "the Ruins of Undermountain" and hung the maps on his wall. He had no curtains and one night were going to the store for a case or two of Natural Ices and as we are coming back I realize that you could see right into his room from the car. Looked like we were plotting to take over the world.

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