D&D General Companion Thread for D&D Survivor: Ferrous Dragons

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ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
I remember reading about these guys in one of my old DM’s Dragon magazines!

If I were to use any of the ferrous dragons in a campaign myself, I would most likely put them somewhere similar to Golarion’s Numeria region (or Starfinder’s planet Aballon) and have them be an extraterrestrial draconic genus.


Gruaghlothor, the Supreme Dragon [lawful neutral]:The greatest of the Ferrous dragons. He has three breath weapons,each usable twice a day: a cloud of sleep gas; a cone of super-heated sparks; or a bolt of solid stone. One of the co-authors of the #356 article posted the sidebar on this guy in a Paizo forum thread, so it's probably just fine to share it here; note that the story of his creation has slightly different wording from the original article in #170.
That’s hilarious. In a world of breath weapons from clouds of poison, cones or bolts of flame, blast of lightning, drowning in acid, there is Graughlothor who hacks up a boulder at in your direction really, really fast.

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