D&D 5E [D&D 5e] Planescape- In Through the Out Door (Full)

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This is the best game I've ever run. :D

Things are going great, folks! Everybody, take a point of Inspiration. I'm still debating how I want to handle XP for this game, so more on that later.


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[MENTION=11146]CanadienneBacon[/MENTION], don't worry about the conversation; after that first reaction, there was really no point to his joining in- as Hawaiian Joe clearly figured out too. At this point, Graydon's clearly not part of the discussion, and with Picayune's single-target method of communication, it's unfeasible for him to be involved. Besides, based on the NPC'S reactions, his help apparently wasn't needed anyway, and Graydon's got sense enough to notice that.

(Btw, sorry for answering you over here in the OOC comm, but I'm a stickler for this kind of thing. Makes the story easier to read and get immersed in when you're going over the campaign after it's been completed, you know?)


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Well, we can try and keep that talk over here. Generally I consider table talk part of the game, and I actually like having it preserved along with the rest of play in the IC thread. That is, unless it's going to be a total non-sequitur or very lengthy departure. But if it bothers you, I don't mind that much. Everyone cool with that?


I'm juggling some business with a new job and planning a comedy event, so I'm not super on top of things. I'm trying to keep up, but if something slips under my nose and needs my urgent attention, please let me know.

The, uh, glowing dot by the hearth in the tavern and that-stuff-in-spoiler-blocks-that-I-read-like-crack-even-though-it-wasn't-intended-for-my-character-please-don't-shoot-me impresses upon me the need to get the f- out of the tavern, like, yesterday.

I really, really don't wanna be ported to Gehenna. Or any other plane where *fire* features predominantly.


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Oh, I leave it entirely up to the reader how omniscient their third-person perspective is. Some people like metagaming, some don't, I'm good with both. :)

But yes, you're probably right to be suspicious of the glowing fiery orange thing in the fireplace...which is getting bigger. Just on principle. As a rule of life in general.


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Something I might like to try: Rather than have characters be married to their initiative rolls throughout combat, and rather than the hassle of rerolling each round, what about this? Allies can swap initiative counts from round to round. That is, the counts stay where they are, but you can choose a different slot from round to round.

One thing I like about this for PbP is that it lets things happen more organically, while to some extent preserving the round-by-round action economy D&D needs, and why yes I have been playing the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG recently, thank you.

So if the initiative roll looked like this:

1. Party (22, Oz)
2. Party (20, Shandrizar)
3. Party (20, Picayune)
4. Yugoloths (19)
5. Party (17, Graydon)
6. Party (13, Liliana)
7. The Jilted Planes (11)
8. Party (10, Shard)
9. Party (7, Rusty)

...then you'd have three party slots before the enemies, then two slots before the NPCs, then two more slots before the top of the round (or 5 slots in a row).

It opens up the floor to cinematic things where if you take the final slot of one round, you can also take the top slot of the next, allowing for extended, flashy combat sequences.

The main casualty here is spells which end at the end of your turn, or only last so many rounds. I'm not sure what the most balanced way to handle this is. Even though it's open to abuse, I'm inclined to say that the effect moves with you-- so yes, if you cast a spell that lasts until the end of your next turn at the top of first round and then hold your next turn until the end of the second round, then that spell does last longer. There's a level of metagaming tactics here, but I think I like that, too. And it can cut both ways.

...Another low-bookkeeping option is to just have an end-of-round curtain where all effects end. I've seen that work efficiently in some games, too.

If this all sounds too complicated, too meta, or too unbalanced to anyone, then no problem, we won't do it. This would be an experiment, and if you don't want to clutter up the game in that way, I completely understand. It's an idea that interests me, but I fully expect it won't appeal to everyone.


Queen of Everything
It's an interesting thought. My first concerns would be 1) the people who can post the most frequently always going first and 2) potentially slowing down the game because people are waiting to go last. Does that make sense? I want to make sure I am understanding the theory.

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