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D&D 5E [D&D 5e] Planescape- In Through the Out Door (Full)

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Queen of Everything
Unsung, I don't know if you've looked at that new sheet of mine at all. Before I go too much further I'd like you to check out all that magic jazz I got from the Pixie in the 5e book. She's got a lot of spells that are 1/day plus the invisibility at will. She's also got spells I got to choose but only 2 spell slots, so to speak, for those. I think that is the trade off for the spells that are 1/day. Aside from her invisibility her main power is the Eldritch cantrip. I don't know if I'll even both having her carry a 1/2 toothpick size dagger lol.

Could you just check over the magic and make sure you are cool with it?

Re: equipment and valuables, I am thinking she might have some cool fairy jewels from her mom or family or whatever but I was thinking even if she wore head to toe gems that'd be like, the size of maybe a gold piece. Lol so I'll get to writing up that stuff later for your approval.


First Post
Just to clarify, since you haven't played a warlock before: you only have two warlock spell slots, but those are always cast at the highest level possible (3rd, in Liliana's case) and you get them back after any rest-- short or long. Assuming an average 2+ short rests in an adventuring day, that could be six or more 3rd level spell slots in a given day. By way of comparison, a 5th wizard is getting two 3rd level spell slots.

Follow me so far? Maybe someone else can break this down more clearly. If so, fire away.

You also don't have to worry about preparing spells, and can cast any warlock spell you know with those slots. Otherworldly Patron, Pact Boon, and Eldritch Invocations are all also pretty powerful. So that's where the tradeoff really comes in.

As for your racial powers, here's what I would propose-- you keep invisibility at-will and confusion 1/day. You get dancing lights as a cantrip. You add your other 1/day pixie spells to your warlock spells known. This means you can potentially cast those spells more often over the course of a day. It does mean you can't cast as many spells in single day, but I think it would rein things in a little and come closer to being balanced as a player race. The many powers of the pixie as a Monster Manual entry are offset by its lack of class levels and the fact that it only has 1 hit point. ;)

If you're willing to go this route, I'd say that'd be worth...1 magic item pick?


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I've played a 5e warlock quite a bit, so I'll just amplify a little on what Unseen has said.

A 5e Warlock has hewn close to the 3e version, in terms of how it relates to party role. A warlock has a small bag of tricks they can use with great frequency. Your invocations are often at-will, for example. And you can recharge your spells on a short rest...which makes a big difference as far as how often you can use them. And since you always cast at your max level, it makes even low-level spells potentially worthwhile...check the spell entries for specific ones that have extra effects when cast at a higher level slot. Pick those preferentially. You lose nothing you won't get back quickly.

Wizards and clerics and the like can 'nova' more spells in a single encounter than you, but by the end of the day they'll be down to cantrips while you can just sit tight for an hour or so and have all your goodies back. Your resource management is all in the moment, where everyone else has to look at the long term. This means you'll be flinging 3rd level spells in every fight...which makes warlocks holy (unholy?) terrors, if they pick spells that take advantage of it.

Spells to avoid are ones that don't scale with level, ones that have excessively circumstantial usefulness, and ones that can be easily replicated by invocation or magic item.

For item picks, check out various magic Wands, which can supplement your spellcasting ability, and the Rod of the Pact Keeper, which boosts your spell attack bonus AND your save DC.


Queen of Everything
Thanks Unsung and Shayuri! I wasn't complaining at all about what she has, I figured it was maybe a little too powerful and some stuff would get nerfed. I'm overall really happy with her!!

I also do appreciate the advice on playing Warlock, I didn't think it would be as different as it is from the other magic using classes but there is definitely a learning curve for creation and tactics. I'll look over what I've picked already, change out what I need to change and report back! :D


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Queenie, looking over your sheet, I have just one off the cuff suggestion.

Consider taking Hypnotic Pattern for your 3rd level spell. It's the Illusion equivalent of a Fireball. It can be freaking devastating. :)

I've posted Picayune in the RG.

[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION], I admire your skill and familiarity with rules mechanics. Would you please, when it is convenient to do so, take a look at Picayune's spell selection and give me your opinion? I am open to suggestions for which spells you think would 1) jive better with my character concept; and 2) afford us more options as a group (both in and out of combat). Everything I took, I took with an eye for buffing or helping the group...as bizarre as that might appear at first blush upon looking at Pic's spell list.

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