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D&D and the rising pandemic


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I'm old enough that I have trouble remembering the last time I physically walked into a bank.

Or maybe it's that it was sometime before COVID, and all of the before-time gets hazy.
I stil go into banks on occasion because I’m a lazy goof who doesn’t like to carry change...or sort it later. So, if nothing else, I use their automated coin sorting machines.

(We also have a safe deposit box, but don’t visit it all that often.)

I’m also not a fan of drive-throughs of any sort, so if I have ANY business that requires my presence at the bank, I’m going in, more likely than not,

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As reported earlier, the AstraZenica vaccine had some dangerous reaction problems that resulted in some countries halting its use while they figured out what was going on. They eventually found a way to treat but not prevent the reactions. Now they know that the reactions are caused by a rare form of blood clotting, but not WHY the vaccine is causing those clots. Still, with 44 cases out of 9 million doses administered, the rewards outweigh the risks, and studies are ongoing to reduce that risk as much as possible.



Government announced the trans Tasman bubble yesterday.

Basically qurantine free travel with Australia and NZ. Just in time for ANZAC day.

Surge in bookings in Queenstown

Talk of Pacific bubble as well basically opening the borders to the South Pacific islands (Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands etc).
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Happy news, more and more people in my life are getting vaccinated. Sad news, I've just learned today that a teacher (and Friend) passed two weeks ago. This thing keeps getting worse by the day.

Oh yeah, also turns out that the sanitary emergency is about to cause an hydric crisis in the Capital City. The water supply is enough to sustain the population, but not the population in sanitary emergency mode. All of the extra hand-washing, laundry and disinfection is consuming way more water than is available...

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