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D&D Movie/TV D&D: Honor Among Thieves Superbowl Spot

The Superbowl commercial for the upcoming movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has been released in advance. The movie comes out on March 31st.

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There's no indication from this kind of marketing spend that the people at Paramount & eOne aren't absolutely ecstatic about their product. They aren't burying this movie or chasing bad money, because neither of those things happen with a movie being promoted during the Super Bowl. They're chasing a tentpole and they think they have one.

There's also new movie posters, which is like round four for that kind of promotion.


At the end Dolby Cinema, Large Format, and IMAX confirmed.

Of course Dobly Cinema isn't available in Canada.
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- Have you watched the Superbowl?

- No, I didn't.

- Then you can be a true Northamerican!

- You have catched me! I'm not, I am Spanish, and in my land we would rather soccer, even once we won the world championship some years ago.
I mean, the only way I'm watching the Super Bowl is if my wife decides she needs to see it and I decide to stay in the same room to hang out. I'm in that 40% where "watching it for the ads" is code for "willing to be in the same room while my wife watches it". (Though she's much less of a football fan these days - all of the stories about brain injuries from the game have turned her off it).

The posters revealed today all include the Class symbols that Wizards of the Coast used in the Player's Handbook and Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

This, and the continued lack of D&D THE GAME, support for Honor Among Thieves, makes me think that the approach to the game is "Everyone will just look for D&D stuff"

Everything is considered a movie tie-in, from the Player's Handbook to Tasha's to the Starter Set.

I still think there will be a tie in Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Book next year, like Simon or Szazz Tam's Guide to the Forgotten Realms, to tie into One D&D as well. Hell we could see Chris Pine's face splashed across the PHB for One D&D.

Echoing what has been said here, this is a giant vote of conference. Did any other Paramount movies get Superbowl adds?

I actually think this was one of the better ads actually, action packed enough to get even regular folks interested and curious.

I think their screen tests must be going amazing to have this level of confedience in the movie. This could be a game changer, especially with Superhero fatigue, and the success of Vex Machina (and simular shows).


Reeks of Jedi
A non D&D fan called it as epic as LotR

Angry Season 9 GIF by Shameless


It's also a lot faster to add class symbols to a movie poster than it is to develop and publish a new starter set. If this was a mistake -- which I have bludgeoned everyone with my belief that it is -- this is a reasonable thing for them to try and fix it.
Well, partly because of your recent banging the drum on that, I recalled that WotC did make movie tie-in books, several if them...for the cancelled Warner Bros. movie that never happened. That’s why they squeezed the Yawning Portal awkwardly and randomly inyo TftYP, and put the Xanathar on a book cover for a smorgasbord of optional rules. Waterdeep was, apparently, the setting for that failed movie project, and Dragon Heist. Was lined up to be a big thematic tie-in.

Once biten, twice shy?

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