D&D General D&D Icons of the Realms: 50th Anniversary' Booster Set, July 2024

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I'm tempted. I also think this might be a good set to dive into if you are just getting into minis. Seems to be a good selection of classic monsters.
It depends. Are you getting into them for collecting and love the old-style creatures? Great set!

Are you getting into miniatures to use as a game aid? Terrible set (and why I'm not likely to get much of it). Half the miniatures won't match anything else that's out there, and getting enough matching ones in the old style will cost a fortune.

Unless you don't care whether the miniatures on the table have a similar aesthetic. In which case, cool.

Edit: as a pretty hardcore miniatures guy who wants them for table use, I'd be WAY more likely to buy some of these if they were released in separate, complementary sets, one with the 1e style art, and one withe 5e style.
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